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Benefits of a Traditional Funeral Service

Many people expect you to start looking for funeral homes Reading, PA after your loved one dies. Funerals are so common that they’re automatically expected. Yet, there’s no rule dictating that you have to host a funeral.

In fact, there are many reasons why you or your family might decide otherwise. However, if you do decide to skip hosting a funeral, make sure you’re prepared for the potential emotional fallout. There are often other mourners to consider. Will they be okay without a funeral?

A traditional funeral is common because it serves the needs of those left behind. There’s no way to bring the deceased back to life. But your pain and grief can be mitigated through expression. A funeral allows you to honor the dead in a way that you recognize.

A funeral, in other words, can give you peace of mind. That’s perhaps the strongest reason to host one.

Depending on your culture, the burial rites may be involved with your beliefs of death. It may be that you need to perform certain activities to ensure your loved one has a good passing. If you skip this activity, other mourners may feel upset. How much to consider these feelings depends on you and your relationships.

One of the reasons people avoid funerals is the expense. It’s typical for the final bill to cost four or even five figures. If your loved one had life insurance, you can use those funds to cover the fees. If not, you may be strapped to pay for everything else.

However, cost alone shouldn’t be your only consideration. There are ways to make the experience cheaper. If you have to, you can skip the funeral home service and host it at your own home to save money.

The memorial itself doesn’t need to cost anything. You might be able to get away with spending nothing at all. To do this, forget about all the trappings. Nothing is necessary beyond what will make you feel good about the service.

The ultimate goal is to honor the deceased’s memory. A traditional funeral service is a good way to do this. Because everything is so traditional, it saves you the stress of having to think too much. When you’re overwhelmed by grief, it can be very hard to know what to do.

A funeral allows you to almost stop thinking about everything. You know what’s happening at each step. If you hire a funeral director, the process becomes even smoother. A funeral director can take almost all of your stress away. You can focus on your grief and how you’re managing it.

After the death of your loved one, your mind is left reeling.

Funeral homes Reading, PA are a special need. The team at Bean Funeral Homes & Crematory is located at 6 Fairlane Rd, Reading, PA, 19606. We have the compassion, ease, and reliability that you’ve been searching for. Please call us at (610) 779-2800. We would be more than happy to answer questions you might have.

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Questions to Ask Your Funeral Home Director

The need for funeral homes Shillington, PA will hit you like a punch in the gut. Even if your loved one’s death was expected, the resulting pain can be overwhelming. Planning the funeral will never be enjoyable. However, the compassionate help of an experienced professional can make the experience more bearable.

Before you settle on a funeral director, you should ask a few interview questions. You need to determine that you’re making the right choice.

Here are a few questions you can ask to help.

What’s Your Role as Funeral Director?

You may not have a clear understanding of what a funeral director does. It’s not obvious if you don’t have any experience with end of life services.

A funeral director handles the administrative tasks associated with arranging the service. They take care of the stuff that has to be done, but that you may not be able to think of yourself. There is a lot of paperwork involved in a successful funeral.

Your funeral director will work to make things easier for you. They’re very understanding. People who work in the funeral industry excel based on their ability to establish a connection. They interact with people who might be consumed by grief.

What Can I Expect at the Funeral?

Have you ever been to a funeral? If you haven’t, you might be a little unclear about what to expect. Your funeral director should walk you through the process step by step so there are no surprises.

Your loved one’s funeral service should be influenced by their cultural and religious background. Different practices suit different people.

What’s the Goal?

The funeral is intended to celebrate the life of the deceased and to allow the surviving loved ones to pay their respect. It creates a safe space for people to grieve. All of the deceased’s loved ones can gather together and share memories.

Your funeral director will likely have an idea about what type of service will be most appropriate for your family. You should be able to discuss your available options before you have to make a decision.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

It might be important to you choose a funeral home that is committed to serving the community. If it is, choose a business that has been operational for at least a few years. The most important thing, however, is choosing someone who you feel comfortable with.

Do You Offer Any Packages?

Funeral services can be extremely expensive. Packages can help you save money as well as make things easier for you. If everything is already planned out, you don’t have to think about very much. Everything can follow a script

Funeral homes Shillington, PA are a sensitive subject. People often have preconceived notions about how a funeral will unfold. At Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, we want nothing more than to help you during this very difficult time. Please visit us at 1605 Rockland St Reading, PA, 19604. Or you can reach us by calling (610) 376-0985.

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5 Reasons You Should Hire a Funeral Director

Have you been thinking about funeral homes Sinking Spring, PA? Or perhaps you’ve been searching for a cremation service instead. Either you, you can benefit by hiring a funeral director. This is a person who will make it their job to make sure everything goes smoothly at your loved one’s end of life service.

Here are five reasons why you should make the hire.

1. You’ll Save Stress

Planning a funeral is very stressful. It can be hard to do it while your grief is fresh. Yet most funerals occur within a few days of the deceased’s passing.

By outsourcing the work to someone else, you can focus on your own emotions. You don’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty details of the service.

2. You’ll Save Money

You’re not thinking straight after your loved one passes away. An unscrupulous person can convince you to spend money on flourishes that you don’t need.

A funeral director takes everything in hand and works with your budget. You don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of.

3. A Good Service

Every end of life memorial should be special. But it can be hard to plan a fitting service if you’re inexperienced or too overwhelmed with grief. That’s where your funeral director steps in. A funeral director is obviously very experienced in planning funerals.

Your director knows tips and tricks that you would never think of. They’ve seen everything before so nothing surprises them. This can be very comforting if you’re going through a rough time.

4. It’s Expected

Working with a funeral director may be part of the package that you agree to when you decide on a funeral home. You should take advantage of this if it’s offered. The right director will make everything much easier.

Dealing with the aftermath of a death can be very messy. It’s helpful to have someone on your side who is completely objective. You need advice that you can trust.

It may be part of the tradition in your group to work with a funeral director. Different families approach death in their own way. If your relatives aren’t used to funeral directors, you can gently explain the advantages.

5. Ease

Ultimately, everything is easier if you hire a funeral director. Less responsibility falls on your shoulders. This gives you time to focus on honoring the deceased in your way. A funeral is a large social event. Planning it can become very tedious.

It doesn’t hurt the deceased if you outsource the work. There are no rules to follow when it comes to grief. You may want to be intimately involved in the funeral planning details or you may want to hear nothing about them. It might be more comfortable for you to simply show up.

The need for funeral homes Sinking Spring, PA is very pressing. The entire team at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services is committed to serving you. Please stop by our convenient location at 129 E Lancaster Ave, Shillington, PA, 19607. We can also be reached at (610) 376-1120.

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Should You Plan a Burial or a Cremation?

When you’re planning Sinking Spring, PA cremations, you’ll need the support of your friends and family to get you through the event. It’s a terrible moment. You have to decide if you want to host a funeral service and burial or a cremation.

The right option for you depends on the culture and beliefs of the deceased. Your own feelings can come into play as well but the deceased’s are more important. People will be very uncomfortable attending a memorial that they know the honoree wouldn’t have approved.

Most Westerners are probably more familiar with burial services. They’re more common than cremations. That doesn’t mean that one is any better or worse, however. They’re very different processes but the end result is the same.

When someone is interred or buried, their remains are placed in a special coffin. The coffin is then put into the ground or a special building. You can visit the spot where your loved one is buried whenever your grief becomes unmanageable.

The drawback to a funeral service is the expense. It can be very expensive to host a modern funeral. You need to pay for the coffin, the burial plot, the funeral workers, etc. If you don’t have a lot of money, this can put a lot of stress on your life.

Another potential drawback is that the burial spot is tied to a specific location. If the deceased has friends and family spread out across the world, it won’t be very convenient for them to visit the grave.

During cremation services, the deceased’s remains are burned into only ashes remain. These ashes can then be placed in a container of your choosing. An urn is very popular, but it’s not your only option.

The process is typically much cheaper than a regular burial. You also have the option of transporting the remains to a more suitable spot. You can also keep them yourself.

Your cultural practices will dictate which is the right answer for your loved one. There’s no easy answer. Unfortunately, you’ll have to decide quickly. Each state has rules regarding what to do immediately after a death. You won’t be able to delay forever.

Before you make the decision, speak to the deceased’s other friends and family. See what they think. A proper end of life service pleases as many people as possible. If anyone is unhappy, it’ll cause unnecessary stress.

You can find advice online if you don’t have loved ones you can turn to. It’s a very familiar process. Every family has to deal with death at some point. It can’t be avoided. The only thing you can do is deal with the situation as it happens.

Sinking Spring, PA cremations are a tender subject. That’s why you should speak with Bean Funeral Homes & Crematory. Our expert staff can help you plan the entire service. We’re conveniently located at 3825 Penn Avenue, Sinking Spring, PA, 19608. If you would like to schedule an appointment before stopping by, please call (610) 376-1129.