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How to Honor Your Loved One

When you need funeral homes Shillington, PA, you’ll have no choice to but to confront very powerful feelings. Dealing with the death of someone close to you is one of the most difficult experiences that you can go through.

Focus on Good Memories

One of the preoccupations of your mind will likely be how to honor your loved one’s memory. Death is terrible but it’s even worse to be forgotten. You want to let the world know that your loved one existed. That they were a part of the world.

One way to honor their spirit is to focus on the good memories. The disputes no longer matter. Consider them settled. By focusing on the happy memories, you’ll be focusing on the good that your deceased friend did in the world. That’s a powerful tribute to their memory.

Think About Their Personality

Was your loved one a writer? A Dancer? An animal-lover? Try to incorporate some of their spirit into your memorial. It will make you feel closer to the deceased and may even help your grief.

There are many ways that you can do this. One strategy is to try do things that the deceased would have done. You can do this literally by going to their favorite restaurant or doing their favorite activities.

No one needs to understand the purpose or value of your memorial but yourself. Even the rest of the deceased’s friends and family can be kept in the dark if you don’t want to explain yourself.

Get Spiritual

If you follow a religious or spiritual practice, it will make everything easier. Death is something that every culture needs to learn how to deal with. When it touches your life, you may be desperate for answers. Anything that helps clear the fog in your mind is appreciated.

You don’t have to believe in religion to reap the benefits. There are ways to be spiritual that don’t require a belief in a higher power.

One way to combat grief is to commit to experiencing the joy of life. That’s what your loved one would have wanted. You’re not forgetting about them when that happens. You’re pairing your thoughts of them to happy actions. Your loved one, in that way, becomes responsible for your joy.

Honoring your loved one’s memory might be a lifelong process. There’s a possibility that it will affect the rest of your life. After all, you’re never going to forget about the deceased. It’s impossible. But their memory doesn’t have to be painful in the traditional sense. Everyone dies. It’s part of the natural progression of existence. Once you truly accept that, it can help you manage your grief.

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Do You Have to Attend the Funeral?

Do you have to attend the funeral homes Reading, PA funeral that you’re invited to? The short answer is no but you should only take this step if you’re prepared for the consequences. If it’s the funeral of a neighbor you barely you know, there’s a chance that no one will realize that you’re not there.

However, if it’s the funeral of a family member or someone who you were close to, there may be a strong cultural expectation that you attend the service. Obviously, no one can force you to go somewhere that you don’t want to be. But the aftershock from skipping the funeral could affect your life in many ways.

Before you make a final decision, think about your inclinations. Why are you thinking about not going to the funeral? If it’s for emotional reasons, you should really think about it. Everyone at the service will be emotional, especially if the death was unexpected. The funerals of young people are often more tragic than those of the elderly. That’s because the former never really got a chance to live life.

What effect will your absence produce? People may not say a word if you skip the funeral of your high school basketball buddy. But they likely won’t be as forgiving if you don’t go to your mom’s funeral. Deciding not to attend an important family funeral could easily cause rifts with the rest of your family. So you should only do so if you’re absolutely prepared for that. You could even get written out of someone’s will.

You might have very serious reasons for not wanting to go to the funeral. For example, what if the deceased injured you in some way? You may not be ready to face their death or their funeral.

It’s also possible that you feel as though you would be a distraction at the funeral. This could be the case if you were the deceased’s affair partner or secret child. There’s no rule dictating that you must go to the funeral to pay your respects. You can do it in your own way.

You can compromise by attending the wake or the funeral reception but not the service itself. Whether or not this solution works for you depends on what you’re looking for. There are many etiquette rules regarding what to do at funerals.

You don’t have to be aware of all of them if you behave from the heart. The people who care about you won’t criticize genuine behavior, even if it springs from pain. Let your own sense guide you when you’re deciding what to do. That’s a better guarantee for your happiness than blindly following the dictated of society.

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What’s the Easiest Funeral Spread You Can Prepare?

The atmosphere at funeral homes Sinking Spring, PA is understandably grave. There are many serious, weighty questions that you must consider. But there are also lighter decisions to be made.

Some of those decisions involve food. If you’re hosting a funeral reception or wake, there’s an expectation that you will serve food to your guests. It doesn’t have to be a gourmet spread, although it can be if that appeals to you.

The food will make it easier for your guests to share stories about the deceased. That’s the goal of the funeral reception. It’s yet another way to honor the memory of someone who you deeply cared about.

So what should you serve? It depends entirely on you. There are important cultural and societal expectations that come into play here. The funeral service usually adheres to the deceased’s spiritual beliefs rather than your own.

A buffet is perhaps one of the most satisfying and low-effort ways to feed people. Grief makes people hungry. Many of your guests will be tempted to eat more than usual. Others won’t touch a bite.

For your buffet, you should focus on hearty, delicious food that you already know people like. It’s not the best time to try out your odd French seafood recipe unless you have reason to believe that that’s what the deceased would have wanted. A much better strategy is to prepare food like pasta and potatoes.

You can ask your very close family members to help you prepare the food. Or, if the idea of cooking anything at all doesn’t appeal to you, you can find a catering company or restaurant. This is a more expensive option but it also takes all of the stress off of your shoulders.

If an all-out buffet seems like too much work, you can try a sandwich bar. Allow your guests to choose between different types of bread and fillings. For sides, you can use chips and fruit. It’s a very simple meal but it’s pleasing. You can feed a lot of people this way without spending a lot of money.

Depending on your culture, you can also plan a potluck dinner. Each of your guests can be responsible for bringing an assigned dish or you can allow people to bring whatever you want. The advantage is that you get to save money and try a lot of different dishes.

Desserts are common as well. Sad, grieving people can use the sugar rush. Fat and sugar is a heady combination. It’s dangerous if you consume it too often, but in short doses, it can make you feel better.

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How to Manage Funeral Expenses

A funeral is often very expensive. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right funeral homes Shillington, PA. The experience is very emotional yet you have to still make rational decisions.

Going broke to pay for your loved one’s funeral will just make everything worse. Your goal should be to make your life easier, not harder.

Here are a few tips.

Question Your Funeral Director

There are many reasons to hire a funeral director. It’s a person who manages all of the concerns of the burial and funeral homes Laureldale, PA. A funeral can be so stressful that it overwhelms you. Having someone else worry about the details frees your mind.

However, not all funeral directors are created equally. Some will bully you into paying for extras that you don’t really need. Before you agree to the bill, you should discuss what you’re actually getting out. You might not feel like negotiating, but it’s required.

Shop Around

Visit at least two funeral homes and compare quotes before you make a final decision. Prices and experiences may be very different.

When comparing, you should take note of how each place makes you feel. You don’t want to try to host a funeral in a place that makes you feel strange or uncomfortable.

Skip the Extras

There are a lot of flourishes that you can add to the funeral and burial process. These are great if you determine that’s what you want and you can afford.

If you’re trying to stick to a tight budget, however, these should be the first to go. Only focus on what’s important. A beautiful, expensive coffin won’t alter things for the deceased although it could have an effect on your ability to pay your bills.

Use Family

Instead of planning an elaborate funeral reception at a restaurant or hotel, host it at home. Ask your family members to help so the burden isn’t too heavy. If it’s acceptable in your culture, ask your reception guests to bring potluck meals.

If that’s not an option, see if family members will help you cook.

You can also focus on serving inexpensive food. Instead of prime rib, serve a sandwich platter or a cheese tray. People want to eat during the reception but they don’t expect a gourmet meal. In fact, saving on food is one of the biggest ways you can control your costs.

Your loved one will still be honored. You don’t have to go broke to show respect, even it’s tempting. You can show your love and still think about your loved one without harming your financial health.

The right funeral homes Shillington, PA can make your life easier. Dealing with the death of your loved one may the hardest thing you ever have to do. At Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, we understand how to manage this delicate situation. We’re located at 1605 Rockland St, Reading, PA, 19604 or at (610) 376-0985. Give us a call or stop by our office as soon as you’re ready.