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funeral home in Cumru Township, PA

Relaxing Into The Funeral Home Process

Planning a service for a loved one with a funeral home in Cumru Township, PA isn’t what you would call a relaxing process. You might call it stressful, frantic, overwhelming, or a whole host of other things. But the funeral home professionals want you to take care of yourself during the planning process so you can grieve as you need to and be there for your family members. There are certain things they will do to help you relax as much as possible as you plan and move ahead with your family.

Meeting Your Loved One’s Needs

One of your first stressors will be the fact that your loved one has needs that you have to meet. Knowing that your loved one is in good hands will help you to relax, even if only a little bit. You know your loved one is getting what they have to have and that can give you peace of mind as you move ahead with other plans. Knowing that the funeral home has a lot of experience and a long history with caring for the deceased can help you relax in giving your loved one what they have to have.

Recognize Dignity

Whether you give your loved one a funeral or cremation service, you need to recognize that all of the options that the funeral homes offer are honorable and respectful. Recognizing that they are getting the treatment they deserve, no matter what direction you take, can help you to relax as well. You are going to be sad and grief-stricken, but it can help you destress when you know that, at the very least, your loved one is being treated right.

Memorials Don’t Have Time Stamps On Them

If you choose cremation for your loved one, all you have to do is get the cremation package lined up and that can give your loved one what they have to have. You can then relax when it comes to the memorial service. You can have a memorial right away, if you want, or you can wait until you are more ready to make plans. The plans don’t have to be rushed in any way and that can help you to relax about what you want to do until you are ready for those plans.


Let Others Help

Whether you want to make plans right away, or wait until later, letting people help with the plans, and just help your family in general, can help you to relax and take things off your list. Let people bring meals, offer to run errands, mow your lawn, and other such things and that can help you relax about those tasks so you have the time and energy to put into final services.

funeral home in Cumru Township, PA


If you have to work with a funeral home in Cumru Township, PA, it’s not exactly a relaxing process, but the professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. will try to take as many of the tasks off your plate as possible so you get the support you need.

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Finding The Best In Funeral Home Companies

If a family member dies, you might find yourself in charge of the final services. You will want to find a funeral homes in Shillington, PA to help you with the process. However, you want nothing but the best for your loved one and that means finding the best company in the area for the job. How do you do that? And what should you look for? Here are some tips.

Tip 1: Read Through Their Websites

Most people are going to naturally gravitate towards their computers when they need to get information on a new company. You can look up area funeral homes and read through their websites. You will want to check their experience levels and history to see how long they have been working in the community. You know if they have been around for a long time, they are more trusted and people continue to use them. Learn everything you can about the services they offer and you will have a good start as to who you might want to work with and who you can cross off the list right away.

Tip 2: Get Price Lists For Comparisons

Funeral homes should be completely open about their prices. Some list things on their websites so you have fast access to those prices right off the bat. Otherwise, you can reach out to the funeral home and they should be completely upfront about their prices and get you a list of packages and additions, complete with prices included. You can then take those prices and compare them to other companies. You want fair prices that are also affordable. You won’t want to go with the cheapest company if they have way below-average prices. They may not have the quality you want in the services you need.

Tip 3: Read Through Outside Reviews

You can tell a lot from a funeral home website, but they aren’t going to put anything negative about themselves on their own website. In order to get the full picture, you are going to want to take a look at outside reviews. People don’t hold back in their reviews and if something went wrong, they’ll talk about it. If you don’t see anything on the bad side for a certain company, that’s a very good sign.

funeral homes in Cumru Township, PA

Tip 4: Call To Get A Further Read

Once you have a short list of a few funeral home options, you might want to make a few phone calls to see what you can find out. Ask them similar questions so you can figure out who answers you in a way that makes you comfortable. If you don’t feel good about anything they tell you, listen to your gut. Following this advice can help you feel completely comfortable with the professionals you work with on a loved one’s services.

Finding one of the funeral homes in Shillington, PA for a loved one is an important process. Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. is here for you to consider their services and options.

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Life Celebrations After Cremation Services

When a loved one passes on, you might feel like having a cremation service in Wernersville, PA is the best option for them and your situation as a whole. Once you have the cremation package in place, your loved one’s needs will be met. Then, you can move forward with making final service plans at any point. You can have something right away, or you can wait awhile and make plans. Life celebrations can be very special events and a memorable way to celebrate a life well-lived. You might even feel like it’s what your loved one would appreciate the most. Here are some tips to help you make those plans.

Think Things Through

Before you start making plans and rushing things too quickly, you will want to take your time to think things through. There’s no hurry in making these plans since there’s no timeline on the process. You have time on your side and you can make plans whenever you feel ready to move forward with those things. Life celebrations, depending on what you want to do, might take time to pull things together.

Have An Event Your Loved One Would Like

When you do anything for a loved one after their death, you are going to think about what that person would like in anything you do. You are trying to honor them and you want to do that in a way you think they would like. If that means your family gathering around a table for a meal, laughing and smiling over old memories, then you should do something simple and casual like that. Or, it might mean throwing a party that is open to the community so everyone can come together and celebrate your loved one’s life. You’ll want any activity you plan, any food you have, and any detail you organize to be something your loved one would like.

Share Fun Times

One of the things you will likely do, no matter what event you hold for the life celebration, is share good times that you had with your loved one. You might have an open mic situation where people can share your loved one’s personality through the stories they tell. You can also make it more casual and just let people chat one on one and share the good times they had with your loved one. Their style and personality will come out through the fun times you share with others. Those memories are never going to get old.

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Look At Pictures Of Them

They say that pictures speak a thousand words and that really can be the case. Pictures bring up memories and when you look at them, stories can arise. You’ll see the smile on your loved one’s face and how it always reached their eyes. Take pictures of your own to show and enjoy the pictures that other people bring.

If you have a cremation in Wernersville, PA, you can then have whatever kind of service you want for your loved one, including a life celebration. Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. is here to help.

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Paying For Funerals—What Options Exist?

You may know that traditional services with the funeral home in Shillington, PA are going to cost more than cremation. However, if that’s what you want in order to honor your loved one, it’s the path you should take. There are ways you can go about affording these services so you can give your loved ones what they need, and what you want for them. Here are some of the ways that people afford funeral services.

Use Life Insurance Payments

If your loved one had life insurance, you might be the beneficiary of it. Since you are the person planning the services, that means you are close to them so you might be the one who gets the money from their life insurance. Some people have life insurance available just to cover their final service expenses so that’s not a burden on you. They might have just enough in their policy to cover such plans. Or, they might cover more and you can use the money for their services first, then pay household bills or use it in other ways for them.

Cards With Memorial Donations

When someone passes on, people around you and your family members are going to want to reach out and show their support to all of you. You might get sympathy cards in the mail and some of those cards will have money in them. You are free to use the money to honor your loved one in any way you see fit. If you need help with their funeral services, that’s the best thing to do with the money upfront. Once you have those costs covered, you can make a donation in your loved one’s name, use it for a permanent memorial, or something else that feels right.

Fundraising Options Are Available

When people offer to help, one thing you might ask them to do is have a fundraiser for your loved one’s final services so you can get some help covering those expenses. Crowdfunding is a simple, easy way to go. A friend of yours can set up an account and spread it around social media. You might be surprised at how fast things spread and how much you are able to raise. People who might not have known otherwise will help out. Your friend could also have a spaghetti feed or pancake breakfast, an auction, a car wash, a bake sale, or any number of other things. You can charge a price for certain things at those fundraisers, but people may very well donate extra to help your cause.

If you want to have traditional services for a loved one, you will have to afford the prices that the funeral home in Shillington, PA has on their services. The professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. will help you with anything you need. Not only will they run the final services you want, but they will also help you figure out how you are going to afford the things that you need.