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What To Do After A Person Passes On

When someone in your family passes on, it might be your first experience with being in charge of someone’s final services. It’s an important role to take on and an honor, at that. You will have to work closely with funeral homes in Cumru Township, PA to get their needs met. Here are a few things you will need to know to do in order to get them cared for in the right manner.

Call Medical Personnel

If your loved one passes away under medical care, you can skip this step as they will get the care they need automatically. They need, for example, for the death certificate, to officially be declared dead at a certain time. If they pass on in their home, however, you need to call medical personnel so they can come to the scene, evaluate your loved one, and declare that they are gone. That is something that is necessary for the death certificate.

Contact The Funeral Home

Once your loved one has been seen by medical professionals and you know they really are gone, you can contact the funeral home you want to use for the process that is yet to come. Take a little time to research area funeral homes so you know you are getting the services you need, a good price, and the experience you need. No matter what package you choose for your loved one, you are going to be able to give them what they have to have. One thing they need right away is transportation from the place of their death to the funeral home’s facilities.

Talk To Family Members

You will have to talk to family members to let them know what happened and what steps you are taking next. Call the people closest to your loved one yourself and let them perhaps call other people that need to be notified by phone. That can save you from making too many calls yourself and it can help you to spread the news to the people who need to know from someone close to the person who died.

Secure/Care For Your Loved One’s Home

While your major concern is going to be for your loved one and their needs, you also want to think about their home and their belongings. Do they have a pet that needs care? Plants that need to be watered? You will want to secure their home and have someone take care of the things that need to be watched over until you figure out what else you want to do.

funeral homes in Cumru Township, PA

Figure Out Service Details

Once your loved one is under funeral home care, you will have some time to figure out what you want to do for their services. DO you want a funeral? Cremation services? You get to decide on the details and the funeral homes in Cumru Township, PA will help you with everything you decide upon. They will implement everything you choose for your loved one.


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What You Need To Decide When Planning Cremation Services

There are lots of decisions to make when a loved one passes away. Even if you already know they wanted cremation services in Mohnton, PA, you might have to decide on other things around that big choice. There are lots of things to consider and when you are working on final services for someone special, you want to get things just right. Here are some of the things you are going to want to decide when you are taking on the planning process for the memorial or the cremation service as a whole.

Which Cremation Provider You Will Use

The first thing you need to decide, even if you already know you want cremation for your loved one, is what cremation provider you are going to use for their final services. There are plenty of providers on the market, but you want one that will offer fair, affordable prices, and will cover everything you want for your loved one. Look for someone with experience, a good location, and other qualities you want for the process.

Where You Will Get The Funds

While you may not want to think about the cremation process costing, it does have prices attached to it. You are going to have to figure out where you are going to get those funds, however much you may need. You might get funds from your loved one’s life insurance, from your own savings, from money you collect from family, or even from a personal loan you take out.

What Container You Will Use

The cremation provider is going to give you a simple container for your loved one’s remains as a part of any package you choose, even if you get something simple and basic. The container works great, but it also is quite simple and little more than a cardboard box. You might want to get an urn or something else that you can use instead. That’s completely your decision.

Whether Or Not You Will Have A Memorial Service

Memorial services can be very helpful to a family in mourning. You can say that final goodbye, get the closure you need, and simply honor the person you will miss. But you don’t have to have a memorial or, you can set a timeline on the process for when you do want to have it. You can have anything you want at any time and in any location.

What Will Become Of The Remains

Once your loved one received the cremation process, you also get to decide what you are going to do with their remains. You can have a memorial first, if you want, and then scatter their ashes, bury them, or keep them in a place of honor within your home. You are going to get to decide on their final resting place, among many other details.

There are lots of decisions to make around cremation services in Mohnton, PA, but the professionals you hire to help you are going to be with you every step of the way in support and with compassion.

cremation services in Cumru Township, PA

Why Should You Consider Virtual Cremation Services?

When you choose cremation services in Cumru Township, PA for your loved one, the only thing you have to do to ensure their needs are met is arrange for a cremation package. Even the most basic cremation packages has everything your loved one needs, like transportation for your loved one to the cremation facilities, care in the interim, the cremation process, and a simple container for their remains. Once they are cared for, you don’t have to worry about anything else in terms of what they need. But you might want to have a memorial service of some kind in order to honor that special person. In person services are the norm, but you could also have something virtual, like a livestreamed service. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider offering that option to your guests.

Your Family Is Spread Way Out

Families don’t always stay in one location today. People spread out all over the country and when your family gets together, it’s a festive affair, but those times are far and few between. You might want to have a memorial right away and that means your family doesn’t have much time to plan their travels. Not everyone is going to make it, but that’s okay. If you livestream the services, your family can watch the proceedings from anywhere they are located, even in another country. It gives everyone the ability to attend from anywhere.

There Are Vulnerable People Who Can’t Attend In Groups

While the parameters around the pandemic have loosened, there might still be people in your family who are vulnerable to illnesses. They can’t chance being around more people and catching something. It can be downright dangerous to them. For those individuals, you might have a livestreaming service so they are able to celebrate your loved one in the comfort and safety of their own home.

You Want To Keep The Numbers Small

Not every family is going to want to open the cremation service memorial to everyone they know and the community as a whole. If you want to keep the services small and intimate, but you feel bad about not allowing everyone the chance to honor your loved one, you can actually do both. Have an in person service that is just for family, but livestream it so anyone else who wants to attend, can.

You’d Like Anyone To Have Access

While you might want a certain kind of service, or to use a venue that is nice and small, you may also want anyone in the community to have access to the ability to honor your loved one in the way you have set up. Having a livestreamed service can give you the best of both worlds. Everyone has access but you can do something small, like you wanted.

cremation services in Cumru Township, PA

There are plenty of different types of cremation services in Cumru Township, PA and if you want to consider offering livestreaming, it’s an option that more and more people are taking up these days.

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What Can You Do If You Miss The Funeral Service?

Life is busy and you never know what’s going to pop up and when. There are lots of funeral homes in Mohnton, PA that can help with the process and you might have to have their help at some point when you are planning something for a loved one or when you want to plan your own services in advance. However, you might not be able to make it to every funeral service you want to attend or are invited to. That’s completely understandable. If you have missed a funeral service you would have liked to attend, what can you do? Here are a few things to consider:

Send Your Regrets

You might want to reach out to the family and send your regrets over missing the funeral in the first place. Drop them a card, call them, or do something else to let them know you are thinking of them. You don’t have to tell them why you missed the service. Just let them know you are sorry you missed it and you wished you could have been there.

Deliver A Meal For The Family

One of the things that many people like doing, and is always a nice gesture, is delivering a meal to the family after the services are complete. Even if several days or a week has gone by, you can take them a casserole, a meal from a restaurant they like, or a healthy snack they can have around the home for family. You can let them know you have been thinking of them and want to be there to support them in the aftermath.

Make A Donation In The Deceased’s Honor

It’s always nice to donate to a charity in the deceased person’s honor and that can also let the family know you are there to support them through this hard time. If you choose a charity yourself, let the family know you donated in their loved one’s name. Otherwise, you can send money to the family and they can donate to whatever charity they see fit to use.

Send A Care Package

Another nice gesture is to put together a care package for the family. You can include whatever you want and customize things to your best. When they receive the package, they will know you are thinking of them and are trying to show your sympathy and compassion for the process they are going through right now.

Send Someone In Your Absencefuneral homes in Mohnton, PA

While you might not be able to attend the final service, you don’t have to miss it entirely. You could send someone in your absence. If you have a sick child that you can’t leave, send your spouse to the final service in your stead, for example.

There are lots of things you can do if you are going to miss a service at funeral homes in Mohnton, PA that you wanted to attend. You don’t have to lack in support.