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cremation services in Wernersville, PA

Finding A Memorial Venue For Cremation Services

When you are working through the grief of losing a loved one, you may have cremation services in Wernersville, PA for them to take care of their needs. After that, you have no timeline on anything else you might want to do for that person. You can have a memorial service any time you want in the future, either right away after the cremation or at another time. One thing you will need is a location for the event. Here are some things to consider as you find what you need.

Somewhere That Sets The Tone

Certain venues are going to give a somber feel while others will be more light-hearted. You want to choose a venue that sets the tone for the event you want to have. You might consider a church for a service that is more somber in nature. For something more light-hearted, a park, a diner, or other locations can work well. There are plenty of options to consider and you want a venue that is going to help you with the service’s overall style.

Make Sure People Can Hear

The guests you invite to the event are coming to honor your loved one and to support you. You want to make sure those people can hear what is going on, whether it’s a speaker, a reader, or other such things. Check the acoustics of the location to ensure that people can hear when someone is speaking. IF there’s a sound system, have the venue hosts test that for you so you can ensure it works well. You don’t want people to not hear what’s going on during the final services you are holding.

Date Options

Perhaps it’s very important to you that you have the memorial service on your loved one’s birthday or another special date. You are going to want to consider the date options with any venue you look into. If they don’t have the date you want open, you might have to move to another venue that can help you within the timeframe you want for the services you are going to have.

Prices And Your Budget

Oftentimes, venues are going to charge you rental fees. You might have a certain number of hours available to you, or perhaps the whole day. What are their prices? What is your budget like? Can you afford the costs? That can help you rule some venues out while you keep others on your list if you can afford their charges.

Accessibility For Guests

cremation services in Wernersville, PA

You want a venue that is accessible for your guests. It should be in a convenient location, for example, and it should be a place that has ample parking for the services you plan to have. You may want a venue that has rooms large enough for your family, or something small and intimate. The professionals at the funeral home, and those within the venue, can help you with the memorial services after you have cremation services in Wernersville, PA for your loved one.


cremation services in Wernersville, PA

Your Loved One’s Cremation Service Anniversary

When a loved one passes away, your first concern might be for their welfare. You want to ensure they get their needs met and that means planning a funeral or even cremation services in Wernersville, PA for them. Either of those services is completely honorable and respectful and you are going to want to go with whatever feels best for that person and your family. Once your loved one’s needs are met, it can give you peace of mind as you move forward. You took care of what they needed and that can be a comfort. As you move ahead with your life and find a new sense of normal, you might feel more grief as the anniversary of their cremation arises the next year, and in following years. As you approach that anniversary date, here are some tips to help you get through the grief that could arise.

Give Yourself A Memorial Gift

If you want to remember your loved one in a special way, you might want to get a memorial gift for yourself and in their honor when the anniversary of their cremation service rolls around. You could get a necklace with their birthstone on it, a plant for your garden that your loved one appreciated, a blanket in their favorite color, or anything else. These gifts can make you smile from memories and give you a way to get through the day.

Spend Time Outside

Nature is a beautiful thing and can really help you to put things into perspective when you are going through a hard time. Take a hike on a nature trail and watch the birds. Have a picnic with family members in the park nearby. Being outside and getting fresh air can help you to put your life in order as you grieve again and decide how you are going to move forward after this date.

Spend Time With Family And Friends

Family and friends are those who care the most about you, and you about them. It only makes sense that when you are approaching a day you know is going to be hard that you would want to spend time with them. Gather for a meal, spend the day together watching movies, have another memorial, or just be around one another to get through the day.

Go Back To The Resting Place

cremation services in Wernersville, PA

Since you had cremation for your loved one, their resting place could be in a variety of locations. Wherever they are at rest, you might want to visit them during the anniversary of their death. That might mean going to the cemetery, the park where you scattered them, a family home where they are displayed in honor, or wherever else you have them resting.

When you first deal with the death of a loved one, cremation services in Wernersville, PA can help you care for their needs. A year later, or even several years later, you might want to do certain things around the anniversary of their death, to get through that hard time.

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Getting Away From Funeral Home Service Planning

It can feel emotionally, and even physically, overwhelming to plan a loved one’s final services with funeral homes in Wernersville, PA. While there is a timeframe on these services, you are going to want to take breaks and get away from the planning process from time to time so you don’t feel too emotionally taxed. Here are a few things you might do for breaks so you are able to move forward at a good pace, but with a clear mind, too. It’s okay to take breaks and time away from the funeral home planning process. Give yourself permission to do some of these things.

Go Outside

A change in scenery and the ability to enjoy fresh air can make a difference in the way your mind feels and how you operate overall. Step outside to take in the fresh air and watch the birds for a while. Go for a walk with your dog and enjoy the peace and quiet outside. Put things into perspective as you spend time in nature and then, when you feel refreshed, go back to your plans.

Read A Magazine Article

You might not feel like you have the capacity to pay attention to a book, even just a chapter, but you might be able to get a magazine article in. Choose something light-hearted that interests you and will take the plans off your mind, even if just for a little while. It can be a nice way to reset before you dig back into the process.

Turn On Some Music

Music has a way of changing how you feel and if you put something light-hearted on, it can help you to alleviate the heaviness you feel around the services you are planning. Listen to something you enjoyed growing up, a favorite of your loved one’s, or a song you always liked to sing along to or dance to. It can help you to smile a bit and be able to go back to your plans with a fresh outlook.

Take A Food Break

If you take pleasure in food, and most people do, take a bit away from the plans to have a meal. You need your body to have fuel during this hard time and having a meal you enjoy can help you to freshen up your energy levels and get the break you need so you can move forward.

Refresh With A Shower/Bath

funeral homes in Wernersville, PA

You might also consider freshening up with a bath or shower so you can feel clean again and get a break from the plans. Try to reset your mind, concentrate on relaxing, and feel the water cleanse you as you bathe.

It can be hard to work through final services with the professionals at funeral homes in Wernersville, PA and you are going to need to walk away from the plans and take breaks. There are lots of things you can do to get the breaks that you need and you should do whatever feels right to you.


funeral homes in Wernersville, PA

Memorial Card Options For The Funeral Home Service

If you have a traditional service at funeral homes in Wernersville, PA for a loved one who passed on, there are certain things you can pass on at the service that guests can keep. One thing people often keep is the bulletin or program that takes them through the order of events. Another option that you can create, instead of or in addition to the program, is a memorial card. This small card can be something nice that people can keep to remember your loved one by well after their services. Here are a few things to consider as you work up these cards.

Consider The Paper Options

Most likely, you are going to want paper that is heavier and nicer than standard paper. You don’t want something that will easily fold or rip since this might be something people want to hold onto in the future. Consider something like cardstock or a postcard-like paper. These heavier papers last longer, look nicer, and make nice memorial cards for your loved one’s services.

Examine Fonts

There are endless fonts to consider and you are going to want to look through them and figure out what will work best for the memorial card. You might use one font for your loved one’s name and another for other details on them. You want something that is easy to read, but also denotes their personality and might have some style to it as well.

List Things To Include

Think through all of the items you want to include on the card so you don’t leave anything important out. You are going to have a limited space available, so only list things that are really important to you. You will likely want your loved one’s name on the card and after that, you might want a Bible verse, a saying, something that signifies their personality or style, or other such things.

Decide On The Card’s Size

These cards are often small in size, making them easy to keep and even carry around. You might want the card to be a wallet size so people can put it in their wallet or purse and take it along with them anywhere they want. You could also make it long and narrow so people can use it as a bookmark. It could also be the size of a postcard, which is simple to frame if people want to set it up in that way within their home.

Choose A Nice Photo

funeral homes in Wernersville, PA

One of the most important details in the card will likely be a picture of your loved one. You will want a picture of just them and something that is somewhat recent so everyone will remember them as they were. You could also include several pictures in different stages of their life if you have room to do so.

When you work with funeral homes in Wernersville, PA on a loved one’s final services, there are plenty of things to consider, including a memorial card to pass out to guests.