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Calling The Funeral Home After A Death

There aren’t many things that are going to feel easy after a loved one passes away. If you are with them in the hospital, or get the call from their care center, you will have to make arrangements to ensure that your loved one is in good hands. That means calling funeral homes in Shillington, PA so you can arrange for your loved one to be transported from the place of their death to the funeral home. Making that call can be very hard. It means your loved one is gone and not coming back and that you have to move forward with final service plans for them—something you never wanted to have to do. Here are some tips to help you get through the call.

You’ll Need Basic Information

There will be paperwork to fill out at some point, but even during the initial phone call, the professionals will want to ask certain things about both you and your loved one. They’ll want to get your name and contact info as well as basic info on your loved one so everything can be in order when they arrange for transport. They want to be able to get a hold of you with any questions and for further plans as well.

Emotions Are Okay

When you call a funeral home, you might feel like you have yourself pulled together enough to make the call. But then, when you start to talk about their death and your needs, you might lose your emotions. That’s okay. The funeral home representatives completely understand. They are willing to wait while you compose yourself, give you some comfort by phone, or even allow you to call back in a few minutes when you are ready and able to talk again. There’s no judgement coming from the funeral home. They understand.

A Good Chance For Questions

You may not have any questions right off the bat, or you may be filled with them. If you have any questions that come to you right away, this initial call, or any after it, is a good time to ask them. You can ask, for example, how to get the death certificate secured and how many copies you will need. When transport will take place and what will happen after that. How you can get access to price lists so you can start making decisions. The questions might feel endless if you feel up to asking them at this point.

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Calling funeral homes in Shillington, PA after a loved one passes away feels very final, but it is also a good call to make because it takes some of the weight off you. You will be able to make sure your loved one is under good care so you can have that peace of mind as you make other plans. The professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are ready to take your call, whenever you need to make it, day or night, weekend or weekday.