funeral services in Mohnton, PA

Creating Memorable Funeral Services From Past Experiences

Generally, as you age, you will attend more and more funeral services in Mohnton, PA as your friends and family around you age as well. The more funeral services you attend, the more experience you have to fall back on later when you have to arrange a funeral for someone in your family that you were close to. You can put memorial funeral plans together based on some of the things you liked the most from past experienced you’ve had at other services. Here are a few things to consider.

The Best Music

Is there a funeral you remember for having outstanding music? Perhaps it was meaningful because the lyrics and songs meant a lot to the person who passed on or maybe a singer brought the song home with a lot of emotion. Whatever the case may be, you can copy the ideas and utilize some of the same music, the same singer, or other things of that nature for your loved one’s services. IF they had a favorite song that works well for funerals, use it.

The Best Meal

The reception is a part of the service that is much less formal and takes place after the funeral and burial ceremony. Many people enjoy this part of the day as they are able to catch up with friends and loved ones and not revolve around their sadness as much. It’s a good time to share memories and eat a good meal. IF you remember one meal being particular good, you could hire the same caterer, or call the friend who hosted it and see what they did. You want the best for your loved one and that meal was simply that—the best.

The Best Eulogy

While you can never copy someone else’s eulogy, there are things you can take from a memorable eulogy and repeat for your loved one. If you heard a pastor give a great eulogy, perhaps you will want that same person to preside over your loved one’s services, knowing they will give as much care to detail for them as they did the other person. Or perhaps you can ask the friend who held that service for an audio copy of the eulogy and have whoever is giving your loved one’s speech listen to it for ideas, length, and style.

funeral services in Mohnton, PA

While no one wants to have a lot of experience with funeral services in Mohnton, PA, as all of us age, we seem to attend more and more of them. We can use that experience for our own final service planning when someone close to us passes away. Or, we can plan our services ahead of time and use the experience there as well. The professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are here to offer advice and help to those who have a lot of ideas, and to those who have none. We’re here for everyone who wants to plan ahead or who needs final services for a family member.