cremation services in Cumru Township, PA

Don’t Let Cremation Service Myths Scare You Away

If you are trying to decide whether you want cremation services in Cumru Township, PA or a traditional funeral for yourself as part of your pre-plans, you might automatically turn to a traditional funeral because of the mis-truths and myths you have heard about cremation in the past. Before you dismiss the option as one that is not for you, it’s good to find out the actual truth. You may find that traditional funeral services are still right for you and that’s fine. But it’s also possible that you will decide cremation really is a good option and go that direction instead. Here are a few myths you may have heard.

1-Cremation Uses Fire To Burn The Body

No one really likes the idea of burning, even when they have passed on. However, cremation isn’t something that uses that method at all. The body never comes into contact with fire. Instead, the crematory is heated up and the remains disintegrate because of that heat. With the idea of actual burning taken away, cremation may become a more attractive option to you.

2-Cremated Remains Are Mixed Together From Person To Person

There are a lot of highly restrictive processes in place so that there’s not even any potential for one person’s remains to be mixed with someone else’s remains. The remains your family receives after your cremation are yours and yours alone. The professionals are very careful about identification and cleanliness, so this is not something to be concerned about at all.

3-Religions Don’t Accept Cremation

This used to be the case with some major religions, but now, it is only true of a very few. Most major religions accept cremation and some even appreciate it as the better option. More people in society in general also appreciate and accept cremation so it is no longer a social stigma and is well accepted overall.

4-There Are No Services And No Closure

While cremation allows you to skip services, if you want, families still often, and can, have final services of any kind. They can gain closure through a service that feels more like a funeral or through something that is more of a celebration of life. There are no timelines on the services and no restrictions as to what you can do. Whatever you feel is right for your service plans, you can set up in advance as you look ahead.

cremation services in Cumru Township, PA

If there are things you have thought or heard about cremation services in Cumru Township, PA, and now you are wondering if those items are true or not, the professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are happy to talk to you about other possible myths. Give us a call and ask any questions you have about cremation. While cremation is completely honorable and respectful and a wonderful option, it’s also not for everyone. If you find out the details and still feel better about a traditional burial, that’s okay. We can help with that as well.