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Green Burial Options With Funeral Homes

People are more concerned with the environment now than ever before, as they should be. Because of that, funeral homes in Cumru Township, PA have started to offer more options. The old rules don’t always apply. For those who are concerned with what’s happening to the environment, even in their death, green burial options are a good thing to consider. Here are a few things you might want for that person when they pass on to honor their take on life and what they want for the world.

No Embalming

Embalming is done in many burial situations. It helps to preserve remains for a visitation and funeral prior to a burial. But you do not have to have someone embalmed, if you don’t want to. Not only does cutting that service out cut back on prices, but it also is much better for the environment. The chemicals used are harmful to the earth and eventually, they will seep into the ground. Without embalming, the chemicals aren’t there to harm the earth—period.

Biodegradable Caskets

There are lots of different options for caskets today, some of which are biodegradable. If your loved one wanted to do the best they could for the environment, using a casket that will easily break down in the earth may be what they would want. There are a variety of materials available and you can choose what’s best based on your budget and what you think your loved one would appreciate most. These caskets don’t have metal in them, that never breaks down underground.


Just because you want burial doesn’t mean you have to go with a traditional burial and funeral. You can have your loved one cremated and then you can bury those remains. Urns take up much less space in the ground and you can get a biodegradable urn, just like you would a casket, that breaks down in the ground and mixes the ashes in with the soil. Many people feel that cremation is easier on the environment as a whole. Though it does put carbon emissions out, it doesn’t use as many resources or pollute as much as a traditional burial might.

funeral homes in Cumru Township, PA

If you need to visit with funeral homes in Cumru Township, PA because a loved one has passed away and you want to do things in a green manner, the professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. can help you with those options. If you want to pre-plan, you can choose the options yourself and do what you can to be as easy on the environment as possible. It’s nice to leave behind as small of a carbon footprint as possible because you know your children and your grandchildren and so on are going to inherit the earth you eave behind. As professionals in the industry, we can show you the options and help you figure out which are the easiest on the environment. You will also need to think about your budget and other things.