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How to Discuss Death with Children

Death, a term that is too dreadful to discuss, especially with kids. When your family needs the services of Sinking Spring, PA funeral homes, it’s incredibly difficult.

Explaining the concept of death to these tiny tots is very challenging. You always want to avoid this, but there are times when you are forced to introduce this hard truth of life to them. There is just no other way to do it than to gather your courage and discuss this sad fact of life.

Well, we don’t say we can make this discussion simple for you, but we can provide you with certain tips and tricks that might make it a little easier for you to explain it to them.

These tips and tricks will not only help you with the process but will also ensure that your child has a good understanding of the concept:

Discuss the Death

The death of a person close to you can break you from within. If this happens with a person close to your child, it’s even more heart-wrenching. Like adults, children experience sorrow, loss and anxiety when someone dies. Avoid having a big conversation during the acute moments of their grief.

So, when is the appropriate time for a discussion?

Well, this is something you need to figure out. You might use the death of an animal or a celebrity whom your child knows but doesn’t have any personal attachment to as a way to broach the subject.

Try to be Clear and Concise

Kids are very concrete in their thinking and they believe whatever you say. Therefore, you need to choose your words wisely. Talking about death in a generic sense might confuse them. Don’t use vague terms like “passed away” or “moved on.” You want it to be very clear that the deceased isn’t coming back.

For example, if you say that ‘grandma died because of a disease,” they might assume that anyone who gets sick dies soon! That is the kind of impact your words can have!

Reassure them that though most of the people live long, at times when a person gets too sick the body, or certain parts of the body, stop working and they die. Assure your child that they’re not in danger but let them know that death is a natural process.

Be Direct

It is important to explain all the facts clearly so that there is no hope of confusion.

People often speak in vague terms like the deceased person has gone somewhere and will come back, etc. Don’t do that.

This will give your child a false hope and can do more bad than good. Though it may sound harsh, you need to explain to your child that the person has stopped breathing and will never come back. The child will now never be able to see or speak to the deceased person, but that person will always remain in their heart and memories. You might have to answer a lot of confused questions but this is okay. Be patient.

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