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How to Honor Your Loved One’s Memory

When someone you love passes away, one of the most important things you can do is try to honor their memory. That’s what you need to think about when you’re searching for funeral homes Reading, PA. What would the deceased have wanted?

It’s not always easy to tell. Some people are very private. They don’t broadcast details of their lives publicly. If you don’t know your loved one’s intimate religious beliefs, it’s okay. Just do your best to imagine what they would have wanted.

Use Music

People are emotionally attached to music. The right song can move you to tears. Incorporating the deceased’s favorite melodies into the funeral service is a respectable way to personalize the event. The deceased is the reason that everyone has gathered.

Every genre of music can work. It doesn’t have to be somber.

Cook Food

The foods that the deceased loved can become special to you. Try serving the snacks and treats during the reception. Hopefully, it will help someone feel connected to the deceased. You might get hit with a flurry of memories when you start tasting and smelling the food.

If you can’t think of a dish that your loved one would have wanted on the menu, use their heritage as a guideline. Most people like the food that they grew up eating.

Respect Their Culture

Funeral Practices are largely dictated by culture and religion. If you’re planning someone’s funeral, you should adhere to their beliefs even if they seem strange. You’ll end up torturing yourself later on if you don’t follow the deceased’s wishes for the funeral.

If you need to accommodate a lot of different values, you can host a funeral that’s purely dedicated to the deceased and a reception that respects the beliefs of the mourners.

Invite Their Loved Ones

Emotions are raw after a death. It’s not the right time to hold a grudge or start a fight. Invite everyone who the deceased would have wanted at the funeral. Even if you might not be a fan of some of those people yourself. Your goal is to avoid causing drama. The entire event should be peaceful.

People are typically on their best behavior during the funeral. Even people who were previously fighting usually calm down.

Have a Private Memorial

You can mourn your loved one in your own way. Some people find solace in private demonstrations. You might light a candle or write a letter addressed to the deceased. You have plenty of options. The good thing about your personal tribute is you don’t have to think about anyone else’s feelings.

A good funeral home director will be able to give you more ideas. It’s their job to comfort people in their grief. They know how to be compassionate yet decisive.

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