Reading, PA cremations

How to Personalize a Cremation Service

Reading, PA cremations can help you process your grief. Planning the service won’t be fun but it might be cathartic. You can interact with other mourners and share stories about the deceased.

If your loved one’s remains are cremated rather than buried, you might have many questions about the service. The traditions surrounding a cremation are different than those surrounding a typical funeral.

Most people want to both honor the deceased’s culture and show their respect. It can be difficult to balance the two motives. An intimate, personalized service may not fit neatly into the usual cremation demands.

So what can you do? There’s no easy answer but there are a few practical solutions.

Use Music

Music can evoke intense memories and feelings. Using music that the deceased loved during the service is a great way to make the proceeding feel less rote. Music is so common during special events that it would be strange not to include it.

You might feel pressured to play very somber music. However, some people truly believe that at least some part of a cremation or funeral service should be treated as a celebration of the life that was lived. Music can help you do this.

There’s also a school of thought that believes that the music beloved by the deceased should be incorporated into the ceremony regardless of the genre or style.

Share Stories

Encourage people to share their memories of the deceased. It helps people heal. You can have guests sign a book dedicated to the departed if there isn’t enough time for everyone to express their views aloud.

The more connected the mourners feel to the deceased, the more personal and touching the service will be.

Use Their Art

Was the deceased a poet? A writer? A painter? Try to incorporate their art into the memorial service. It’s a very intimate way to show respect. If the person didn’t create art themselves, use pieces from artists that they admired.

The art doesn’t have to take center stage if you don’t want it to. It can be a background piece, only noticed by people who understand the connection.

Wear Special Clothing

Did the deceased have a special t-shirt? Jacket? You can wear it to the service as a personal way to express your love. Others may recognize the garment if the deceased wore it often. If you want to still wear traditional funeral or cremation clothes, you can wear the t-shirt under a fancier dress shirt.

You can pay your respects in the way that feels most comfortable to you. Everyone who is planning the service deserves to have a say.

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