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Ideas For Preserving Your Loved One’s Personality

When someone you loved passes on, you want to preserve their memory in whatever way possible. Their unique personality is something you will never forget, but you want to be able to pass down their essence to those who may not remember them as well. What can you do to preserve their personality for future generations? Your local funeral homes in Reading, PA have a few suggestions:

Catalog Pictures

It’s always nice to have pictures in photo albums or on a disc you can stick into a DVD player and watch with the family. However, if those photos aren’t labeled, eventually, no one will remember who is in them or when they were taken. Take a little time to catalog some important pictures and place name and date labels on them. You can make a scrapbook, or do it on the computer and add captions. That way, anyone who wants to know who’s in the picture, when it took place, and other details, can have that information.

Keep Handwriting Samples

Your loved one could show a lot of their personality through their handwriting. While you might have the chicken scratch of a doctor, they had large, loopy writing or vice versa. Their writing was unique and it’s fun to save bits of what they have written. Put a few birthday cards, letters, even grocery lists with their pictures so you can remember what their handwriting looked like.

Save Mementos

Did your loved one collect baseball cards? Was there a book they had to read every year? Everyone has their quirks and you may be able to find a couple of small items to save that remind you of that person. Like with the pictures, once you get ahold of those items, write something up about them and what they meant to the person and perhaps stick that note in or on the bottom of the item so everyone in the future will know more about it as well.

Share Stories

One of the biggest things you can do to keep your loved one’s personality alive is to simply share stories with those around you. Tell your kids about the person and have some laughs together as you recount some of the tales that person told you when you were younger. With any luck, the stories will catch on and they will be something your kids will always remember as well.

When you want to keep a loved one alive in whatever way possible, the professionals at funeral homes in Reading, PA can give you advice. You can start with a unique cremation service or funeral and continue their legacy from there. When you are ready to move ahead with final services, the professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are here to help. We’re located at 1605 Rockland St Reading, PA 19604 and we can give you a tour and talk about options. You can also call us with your questions at (610) 376-0985.