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Is it Appropriate to Bring Babies to a Funeral?

When it’s time for Reading, PA cremations, you might have a million things on your mind. If you have kids, a big question is whether or not to bring them to the end of life service. You want your children to be able to pay their respects but you don’t want their behavior to be a distraction. A lot of children can’t handle the solemnity of a funeral or cremation service.

There are even more questions about bringing very young children. A 6-year-old might be able to glean value from the proceedings but what about a one-year-old? A six-month-old? A very young baby won’t know where they are and they might disrupt the ceremony.

Bringing young children to a funeral or cremation service is a very personal decision. It depends on many factors, including your relationship with the deceased’s family, your culture, and the temperament of your little one. Some babies are very anxious and unhappy in public.

You should try to respect the deceased’s family’s wishes. Some people feel very strongly about not bringing children to funerals. This is especially true when it’s a very surprising or tragic death. These people believe that children are a harmful distraction during the service.

Other people feel far differently. They believe that all of the deceased’s loved ones should attend the funeral, even if they’re still babies. Try to figure out which mood prevails at the funeral you will be attending before you take your baby.

Of course, your child’s relationship with the deceased is also very important. If the deceased was an immediate family member, most people understand the child attending the funeral. The issue becomes murkier when the relationship is more distant.

Most adults who have had this experience say they do not regret attending funerals when they were children. However, your child’s feelings aren’t the only ones that need to be considered. Maybe your child would be happy running up and down the aisles during the service. This, however, would be extremely distracting.

Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer when it comes to taking babies and small children to funerals. It truly depends on the situation.

One thing is clear. If you do decide to bring your little one to the service, make sure that you’re prepared to step outside if they become loud or unruly. You must do this even if you’re feeling emotional. It’s never appropriate to allow a screaming child to remain at a funeral. However, as the parent of a young child, you’re probably used to this. You have to do the same thing at church, restaurants, etc.

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