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Putting A Care Calendar Together For A Friend

When you hear that a close friend of yours has lost a loved one, you want to reach out to them and support them in any way you can. While you might attend the final service at funeral homes in Mohnton, PA, and that can be a huge support for your friend, there are other things you can do as well. Your friend is concentrating on their family and taking care of final service needs. But they have needs as well and you can help to gather support and cover those things that might be getting pushed to the wayside. Here are a few tips on putting together a care calendar to help your friend out with support from other friends.

Find Out What They Need

The first thing you will want to do is think about (or even ask) what your friend needs during this hard time. It might be as simple as meals for their family so they don’t have to cook. Or, there might be other things on the list, like places for family to stay, rides to and from the airport, mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, and so on. The list can be as short or as long as you want or they need.

Get Friends Together Who Can Help

Once you have an idea what your friend needs, talk to other friends and see what types of things they want to help with. Your friend might have a neighbor that can take care of lawn items or snow shoveling. Other friends might be willing to make meals and so on. List the friends who want to help and what types of things they want to do and you can organize the details from there.

Arrange The Services By Date

Fill in the calendar with the services your friend needs and when they are necessary. If you are trying to arrange three meals a day for them, you can add those. If the lawn needs to be mowed once a week, choose a day to have that done. Once everything is filled in, you can see where people will start to fall and cover those jobs.

funeral homes in Mohnton, PA

Distribute The Jobs

Now you have to take your list of items that need to be covered, and your list of friends who are willing to help, and make them join together so you can fill things in. You might even make an online calendar and everyone can access it and fill in the jobs they want to do. You can set up reminders and other such things to make sure things are going to go well.

Creating a calendar can be a big organizational job, but it’s also something your friend will highly appreciate. The professionals at funeral homes in Mohnton, PA can suggest things that your friend might need to have done and help you with the organizational aspects. Contact the professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. any time you need advice.