cremation services in Sinking Spring, PA

The Timeline Disappears With Cremation Services

It can be overwhelming for some people to find out a loved one passed on and then deal with their funeral and final services immediately after. It makes sense that funerals have to be planned right away. There’s a timeline on the situation and the burial has to be held within a few days. If you decide to go with cremation services in Sinking Spring, PA for your loved one instead, those timelines disappear.

When a loved one dies, you want to make sure they are taken care of as quickly as possible. Once you decide to have them cremated, you can contact the funeral home, have them transport your loved one to their facilities, and then you can take care of the paperwork knowing your loved one is in good hands and under good care. Once the paperwork, like the death certificate and consent forms, are ready to go, your loved one can be cremated. That process is very simple and doesn’t take much time to organize.

After the cremation takes place, the timelines on anything and everything else completely disappear. There’s no rush to organize a memorial service or make any other decisions. You can grieve, give yourself time to get over the shock, and take the time you need to organize something really special.

Some families still want to do something right away after the cremation is complete and there’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s also nothing wrong with putting thing off a week, a month, or even longer so family can gather together with enough warning that everyone can make it. It also gives you more time to put together a memorial table, special picture videos, just the right music and everything else you might want for your loved one.

With a traditional funeral, the burial generally takes place right after the funeral is complete. With cremation, there also isn’t a timeline on a final resting place for your loved one. You can scatter their ashes right away or keep their urn in your home until the time is right to do so. You don’t have to decide what you want to do right away, either. The timelines are up in the air and the decisions are completely yours.

Some people like the structure and timelines that come along with traditional funerals. Other people like the idea of having more time options on their hands with cremation services in Sinking Spring, PA. Either way, the experts at Bean Funeral Homes & Crematory, Inc. can help you with whatever you decide you want to do for your loved one. We’re here to get you through this hard time, whether you want to do everything at once, or you want to spread things out for a week or longer. You can visit us and go over options and ideas at 3825 Penn Ave Sinking Spring, PA 19608 or just call when you have questions at (610) 376-1129. Your loved one was special and they deserve the final services you have in mind.