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Tips for Writing a Heart-warming Eulogy

Writing a eulogy for your loved one might be the hardest thing you ever have to do. It’s even more gut-wrenching than searching for funeral homes Sinking Spring, PA. How can you find the words to express everything that the deceased meant to you?

You might find that expressing yourself during the funeral helps you deal with your grief. It allows you to share your feelings with a room full of people going through the same thing.

Here are some tips that can help you during the important moment.

Stay Focused

There’s so much that you want to say, the words might come rushing out. You could find yourself talking for hours if you had no one to please but yourself. However, you’re communicating to a crowd of mourners. You need to stay on topic.

The perfect eulogy is under five minutes. If it’s too long and people’s attention will start to wander. Seeing their distracted faces will make you feel ignored.

Focus on a specific trait the deceased was known for or share a sweet story.

Be Positive

It doesn’t matter if the deceased was the meanest guy you knew. Airing your grievances at the funeral is inappropriate. Every mourner had their own relationship with the deceased. If they struggled to connect with people in life, everyone already knows that. It’s not your role to expose the deceased’s foibles.

Everything can be spun into a positive light. Difficult moments can be glossed over.

Reach Out to Friends

Feel free to ask for help with your speech. Other people might have a unique perspective that you can weave into the tale. There might be parts of the deceased that you were never aware of.

You can also have someone listen to your speech before you deliver it. Practicing what you’re going to say can help calm your nerves.

Read Examples

Most people haven’t been to many funerals. So they don’t have a lot of experience listening to eulogies. It can be hard to know what’s expected of you. That’s why it’s recommended to listen to eulogies online or read examples that you come across. You can get a feel of what people are looking for.

Of course, you shouldn’t be afraid to do something completely unique. If your feelings would be better expressed by a song and an interpretive dance, that’s what you should do.

Be Sincere

Highlight your genuine feelings. Latch onto to your happiest memory of the deceased if you have. People respond to real emotion. The eulogy will be a success if you connect with your audience.

Ultimately, you have to be yourself. Your heart will be on display. The raw emotion contained in your eulogy can help people process their grief.

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