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Traditional Cremation Services And Celebrations Of Life

Funerals and many memorial services are often somber events. They showcase someone who has passed on and mark their death. But there are other types of events you can have surrounding someone’s passing. If you go with cremation services in Reading, PA, you can then organize a celebration of life, if you choose. This type of event celebrates a life well-lived instead of marking a death. It looks back on the good times and remembers the person for who there were rather than mourning their death. If your loved one wanted a celebration of life, or if you are making the decision and you feel that is the best fit, move in that direction.

Celebrations of life are much more joyful events. They feel more like parties in your loved one’s honor. They commemorate a life instead of marking a death. At funerals and memorial services, people are subdued and speak in hushed tones, so no one bothers someone else. At a celebration of life, there could be laughter and loud voices, even.

You will notice that celebrations of life are always more casual events. They emphasize the positive parts of a person’s life instead of the sad part of their passing. It’s a more upbeat type of event and they could be held in a family home, a garden, a park, a baseball field, or a rented venue, among other places. Funerals and memorial services are often at a church or funeral home.

Funeral homes are starting to offer more celebrations of life events so they can certainly be held within the funeral home as well. Sometimes they are held in lieu of a funeral or cremation service of another kind. Sometimes they are held after the burial, after an ash scattering, or even a year later around the anniversary of someone’s death.

The biggest rule with celebrations of life is that there are no rules. You can do whatever you think your loved one would appreciate the most. Have family members bring pictures, make a memory box, show video clips, play lively music, have festive clothing, enjoy eating good food, and so on. These are just a few of the ideas you could utilize.

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