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Traveling With An Urn After Cremation Services

There are many reasons why cremation services in Wernersville, PA are popular enough today that they are used in half the cases. People choose this service for many different reasons. One benefit of this disposition method is that urns are much easier to travel with than a casket, which takes much more planning and service help. If you want to take an urn with you to another location, you can do so with general ease. Here are some of the details you should know if that is part of your plan.

Urns Need To Be Able To Go Through X-Rays

If you are going to fly somewhere and take your loved one with you in their urn, the urn will have to go through the x-ray machine at the airport. When you decide you want to fly somewhere, it’s a good idea to get an urn that can go through an x-ray machine. That means no metal. Think about ceramic, glass, wood, or other such materials. It is much easier to get one of those through without disturbing your loved one’s resting place. If you have any questions about what is permitted, ask the cremation provider or call the airline you are going to fly with.

Urn Packing Requirements

Different airlines are going to have different rules and you will want to find out their policies before you even book a flight, so you are prepared. You might be able to scan an urn as a piece of your carry-on luggage or you might be able to pack it inside your carry-on bag. You could also put it on your checked bag. Most people prefer to carry the urn on, so they don’t risk it getting lost or damaged in another part of the plan. If that’s what you want to do, make sure it is allowed with the airline you choose.

cremation services in Wernersville, PA

Carry Certified Documents

Whenever you travel with an urn, make sure you have your loved one’s death certificate with you and any other official documents the funeral home recommends. This will be something you can show to airport officials if they have any questions about what you are transporting. The funeral director will advise you as to everything you will want to take with you.

When you are ready to place a loved one through cremation services in Wernersville, PA, think about what your plans will be after those services are complete. While cremation gives you extra time since you don’t have to rush forward, if you know you want to travel somewhere else with your loved one for a scattering or memorial, it’s nice to know that upfront so you are able to get the right urn set up for them. The professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. can help you with those decisions and many others you will have to make along the way. Contact us whenever you have questions and we will help you in any way we can.