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What Can You Do With Remains After Cremation Services?

When you have a funeral for a loved one, after the funeral is over, that person is buried and there is usually a burial ceremony to go along with the funeral. With cremation services in Reading, PA, it’s different. You have many more options as to what you will do with their remains once they are cremated, you have a memorial service, and then you want to move on. Here are a few options as to what you can do with cremated remains once whatever services you want to have are over.

Display Them At Home In An Urn

Some people want to keep their loved one close and the best way to do that is to keep them at home in an urn. Get a nice urn that will look good with your home and will honor your loved one. You can place it on the fireplace mantel, in a special hutch, or another place of honor to pay tribute to your loved one. This is a nice answer if you might move in the future, so you don’t feel like you are leaving your loved one behind. It’s always a good option to place the cremains of your deceased loved one in an urn. With the help of Cremation Reading PA, your loved one will be remembered and can stay forever without being interred to a cemetery gravesite.

Bury The Ashes

Just because you have cremated your loved one doesn’t mean you can’t still bury them. You can get a cemetery plot and bury the urn, just as you would a casket in a traditional funeral. This can be comforting to some people and gives every family member a place to visit when they want to think about that loved one.

Scatter The Ashes

One of the most popular things to do with cremated remains is to scatter them in a special location. You can scatter them over water, on top of a hill, on the family property, in a park, or in many other locations. This can be a special ceremony that brings closure to people and can be a nice way to say a final goodbye.

Store Them In A Columbarium

You don’t have to bury them in the cemetery, but they can still have a place there, if you’d like. A columbarium is a building that stores cremation urns so you can visit them without the option of burial. It gives families a place to go when they want to talk to or think about their loved one.

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