funeral homes in Mohnton, PA

What Goes Into Funeral Home Packages?

Working with funeral homes in Shillington, PA usually means one of two things. Either you’ve lost a loved one, or you are planning your own final services ahead of time. Either way, you will want to look over the packages they have to offer. It’s nice to know that funeral homes with lots of experience have worked out these packages for you so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything important. They include everything you have to have. Here are some of the things you will see in those packages.


Your loved one is going to have to make it from the place of their death to the funeral home. They’ll need a special vehicle and special, professional care. The funeral home will take care of that as a part of absolutely any package you choose. It’s always included and one of the first things that will happen as you move ahead.

Care In The Funeral Home

The funeral home is then going to care for your loved ones and make sure they get the services they need while you decide what to do. They will treat your loved ones with dignity and respect and ensure they get what they need as you make plans.

The Cremation Process

If you have decided on cremation services, the cremation process is also included in the package. The funeral home may have to get permits for that or prepare other paperwork and that will all be included in the package price as well. If you intend to do anything before the cremation, that will either be extra or be included in another package.

A Simple Container

The cremation packages also include simple containers that work well for your loved one’s remains. You can add an urn or another item of your choosing, but the container is there should you choose to use it.

funeral homes in Mohnton, PA

Funeral Professionals

If you are going to plan out a funeral with one of the packages, the professionals and their advice, time, and recommendations are going to be included in that package price. They are there to help you plan, talk through everything, set up and clean up rooms you might use, and make everything run in a seamless manner so you have much less to worry about.

There are other things that many, or even most, packages include and you can look at them in detail with the funeral home as you figure out what might be best for your loved one. The experts at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. want you to know that we are here for you every step of the way. We understand how hard this time in your life can be and we will give you the compassion and support you need to get through the planning process and to the other side of the services. We also offer memorial services for your loved ones that will help preserve their legacy, dignity, and respect so they can continue living on through their memory forever.