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What is a Funeral Procession?

The funeral service and the burial are sometimes at different locations. For instance, mourners might attend the service at a church before traveling to funeral homes Shillington, PA, for the final interment.

The journey is called a funeral procession. All of the mourners typically perform it together. Whether you’re part of the ceremony or just observing it, there are standard etiquette rules that everyone should follow.

Different cultures and religions have different expectations for the procession. Sometimes the mourners will be loud and almost joyous-sounding as they celebrate the life of the deceased. Other times, it will be a somber affair complete with crying, grief-stricken faces.

Be on Time

If you’re included in the procession, make sure you arrive on time. Don’t make people wait for you. In some cultures, being late is very disrespectful. At some point, it’s better not to show up at all rather than show up late.

Once you arrive, do what you’re told. Where you are placed will likely depend on how close you were to the deceased. Immediate family members are usually at the front. They may ride in a special vehicle as well.

Before everyone heads, you’ll decide how the cars will signal they’re together. Often little flags or banners will be used.

Be Respectful

The most important thing you can do is be respectful. Laying someone to rest is very difficult, especially if the death was unexpected. It might be the worst day of their lives. You can’t make the mourner’s day much better but you can make it a lot worse by your behavior.

Model your behavior after the people around you. Just do what they’re doing. If you’re unsure about anything, speak with the funeral director.

Follow the Rules

In many places, funeral processions are protected by special laws. Others cars on the road have to defer to the procession. However, in certain areas, you will have to obey regular traffic laws. This will be spelled out to you before you leave.

If you’re part of the procession and simply encounter one while driving, let it have the right of way. Don’t try to speed past. Everyone dies, meaning someday your loved ones may be following your hearse. Give the person the same respect that your loved ones would expect.

Share Your Emotions

It’s okay if you become emotional during the procession. You probably won’t be the only one. Death is always serious. Rather than become overwhelmed by your feelings, speak to another mourner about what you’re going through.

Connecting with another human being will help assuage your own grief. However, if you want to remain silent and keep to yourself, that’s okay as well. A funeral is intended to pay respects to the dead. You can do that in your own way.

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