Reading, PA obituaries

Why Obituaries Are Important

There are lots of different steps that go into arranging and carrying out final services and if a loved one has passed away and you find yourself in charge of the events, it can be hard to get through it all. One of the things you will have to do is figure out what you want for Reading, PA obituaries. The obituary might feel like just another task you have to take on and complete, but it’s a very important part of the process. Here are a few reasons why obituaries are important.

A Death Announcement

Obituaries are important, if for no other reason, than to announce your loved one’s death. When you write up the obituary, it can be short and to the point. It needs to include your loved one’s name and the fact that they passed on. The funeral home will place the announcement on their website and you can also place it in any newspaper you want to let people in the area know what has happened. Some people also like to share the announcement on social media once all of the family members are informed.

Service Detail Distribution

If you are opening the services you plan to have to the public, how can you let everyone who might want to know about them in on the details? The obituary can be a handy tool that can distribute the news to people you might not even know, but who knew your loved one and want to honor them at the service. You can list the service details at the bottom of the obituary, so the news is out to as many as possible. If you aren’t opening the services to the public, you can still state that private services are being held on a certain date so if people want to send a gift to your family, they can.

Reading, PA obituaries

Honoring Your Loved One

One of your biggest goals after your loved one passes on is to honor their memory. You can do so through the final services you plan for them, but also through the obituary. You don’t necessarily want the piece to be long, as newspapers will charge more for longer lengths. Even a short piece can honor your loved one. You can list their family members, give a short bio, and say something meaningful about them that you know people will appreciate seeing.

There are other important parts about Reading, PA obituaries and when you work with the professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc., we can tell you all about them. Obituaries generally include certain things so when you begin the writing process, you might want help to make sure you include everything that needs to be in there. We’re here to help you get the obituary written and placed in the right newspapers. We want you to be able to honor your loved one in every possible way, including through the obituary. Give us a call and we’ll be by your side for the entire planning process.