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Dealing with the Death of a Spouse

Dealing with the death of your spouse is one of the most troubling experiences that you can possibly go through. You may not want to search for Sinking Spring, PA cremations, but once your spouse passes away, you need to deal with the immediate aftermath.

Grief is a strange and funny thing. It doesn’t affect people the same way. That means that there’s no way that you can predict in advance how you’re going to react. When your spouse dies, it’ll be a very big event in your life. You might need help dealing with your emotions, especially if you have children to worry about.

In the first few days after the death, you should try to connect with people that care about you. You’re going through a very tough situation. It’ll help if you have people to support you on your side. There are a lot of little things that your friends can help you with.

Make sure that you don’t forget about your children. Your own grief might be so overwhelming that it’s difficult to remember that your child experienced a significant loss as well. However, it’s important that you don’t forget about being a parent. Your relationship with your child becomes even more important after your spouse dies.

Speak with the rest of your family when you’re planning the end of life services. You might appreciate it if some of the concerns were taken off of your shoulders. On the other hand, you might jealously guard every duty related to the service.

If you’re having a hard time adapting to your changed life, you should think about seeing a professional therapist. Grief can’t always be managed on its own. You might need help to feel like even a semblance of your old self.

You can also attend group grief counseling sessions. Connecting with people who have gone through the same experiences might be enough to help you feel calmer. Even just being in the same room with sympathetic people might be enough to make a difference.

There are many different ways to handle your grief. The best method for you depends on your own personality. The death of a spouse is a serious event that changes your personality. You might become temporarily more withdrawn or distant.

When your spouse dies, you can’t predict how it will affect you. However, you can try to plan ahead as much as you can. That means making your will and funeral plans while you’re still alive. It might seem morbid, but it has to get done.

Focus on just surviving each day. That’ll be enough at first.

People who need Sinking Spring, PA cremations services need to call (610) 376-0985. At Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, we recognize that you’re going through a trying a moment. Our staff can help you plan a fitting end of life service for your spouse. We’re located at 1605 Rockland St, Reading, PA. Stop by during our business hours to set up a consultation.

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10 Tips for Planning a Funeral

Have you been looking for Shillington, PA funeral homes? Then you must be in the midst of planning a funeral. This can be a very draining process. It’s emotionally difficult and often expensive. We have tips that help you can get through the experience.

  1. Figure out the logistics: There are many steps involved in laying someone to rest. You have to plan on how to prepare the deceased’s body, what type of service you’ll have, and how the body will be interred. The sooner you figure out these details, the easier it’ll be for you.
  2. Understand the basics: Caskets and urns can be very expensive. Funeral homes are required to be upfront about their pricing. They also have to accept outside burial containers. That means that if you’re looking for an affordable option, you can buy your loved one’s casket from a place like Costco or Walmart.
  3. Control your emotions: Your emotions will be running wild after your loved one dies. In that delicate frame of mind, it can be very easy to get sucked into emotional spending. You might start pouring money into unnecessary upgrades. You should never feel pressured into purchasing something that you don’t need.
  4. Plan ahead: You can pre-plan your funeral. It’s not the most fun thing that you’ll ever do but it can really help your family. A lot of the stress associated with the death can be alleviated if your family doesn’t have to worry about worldly concerns.
  5. Comparison shop: Don’t purchase the first package that you’re offered. Wait at least a few hours and look at other options before making your decision. Funerals are often very expensive. They should be treated in a similar manner to other large purchases.
  6. Buy what you need: There’s no need to buy a funeral package unless you need everything that it offers. You can save money by buying some things yourself instead of purchasing them through the funeral home.
  7. Speak with your family: Talk to the rest of the family about the funeral arrangements. It’s possible that someone has input. Your loved ones also might be able to take some of the burden off of your shoulders. Planning a funeral is quite a bit of work. Allow your friends and family to help if they can.
  8. Stay organized: Staying on track will make your life easier. Stick to the schedule that you set for the funeral. If you start skipping appointments or getting your dates confused, it’ll be hard to return to your normal life.

Everyone will need Shillington, PA funeral homes at some point. When you’re looking for a funeral home to host your loved one’s end of life services, search no further than Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. We have multiple locations to serve you, including one at 129 E Lancaster Ave, Shillington, PA 19607. Our staff knows how to plan respectable, affordable funerals. We can take care of the small details so you don’t have to.

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Is it Appropriate to Bring Babies to a Funeral?

When it’s time for Reading, PA cremations, you might have a million things on your mind. If you have kids, a big question is whether or not to bring them to the end of life service. You want your children to be able to pay their respects but you don’t want their behavior to be a distraction. A lot of children can’t handle the solemnity of a funeral or cremation service.

There are even more questions about bringing very young children. A 6-year-old might be able to glean value from the proceedings but what about a one-year-old? A six-month-old? A very young baby won’t know where they are and they might disrupt the ceremony.

Bringing young children to a funeral or cremation service is a very personal decision. It depends on many factors, including your relationship with the deceased’s family, your culture, and the temperament of your little one. Some babies are very anxious and unhappy in public.

You should try to respect the deceased’s family’s wishes. Some people feel very strongly about not bringing children to funerals. This is especially true when it’s a very surprising or tragic death. These people believe that children are a harmful distraction during the service.

Other people feel far differently. They believe that all of the deceased’s loved ones should attend the funeral, even if they’re still babies. Try to figure out which mood prevails at the funeral you will be attending before you take your baby.

Of course, your child’s relationship with the deceased is also very important. If the deceased was an immediate family member, most people understand the child attending the funeral. The issue becomes murkier when the relationship is more distant.

Most adults who have had this experience say they do not regret attending funerals when they were children. However, your child’s feelings aren’t the only ones that need to be considered. Maybe your child would be happy running up and down the aisles during the service. This, however, would be extremely distracting.

Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer when it comes to taking babies and small children to funerals. It truly depends on the situation.

One thing is clear. If you do decide to bring your little one to the service, make sure that you’re prepared to step outside if they become loud or unruly. You must do this even if you’re feeling emotional. It’s never appropriate to allow a screaming child to remain at a funeral. However, as the parent of a young child, you’re probably used to this. You have to do the same thing at church, restaurants, etc.

When you start thinking about Reading, PA cremations, it’s time to call Bean Funeral Homes & Crematory, Inc. We can help with what we know is a very difficult process. You shouldn’t have to worry about arranging the cremation. Leave the planning in the hands of a professional. Please call us at (610) 376-1129 to start discussing your options.

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How to Return Your Old Life After a Death

Nobody likes calling funeral homes Sinking Spring, PA but at some point it becomes necessary. When your loved one dies, there’s nothing else you can do. If you’d like to have a service or schedule a cremation, you need to work with a funeral home and crematory.

Your life may feel like it’s over when your loved one dies. You may wonder how you’re going to find the strength to continue your existence. Yet time still ticks on. You want to draw away from the world but you can’t. At some point, you’ll have to start interacting with the world again.

Probably the first place that you’ll have to go back to is work. Unless your financial situation is very comfortable, you have to keep working to maintain your lifestyle. Some people have to return to work within three days of the death. It’s very hard.

So what can you do to make the process easier? It depends on your personal views. Someone who is religious can turn to their beliefs and to others in their community. Those without religious view can take comfort in philosophical views. Bereavement support groups are everywhere.

They key is to focus on what you have to do. Think about the next five minutes. What are you responsible for? At work, you can try to focus on your job. People will be understanding if you don’t want to talk very much. Or perhaps talking and connecting with people helps you process your grief.

It’s not that you’re “moving on” in any sense of the phrase. But you do need to continue your life. Life is precious. It shouldn’t be wasted. Your grief will affect your entire being but eventually, you’ll learn how to live with it.

Life will look different after your loved one dies. But it won’t all be bad. Try to remember the happy, pleasant memories that you shared with the deceased. It might put a smile on your face. Or you might remember to think about the beauty of being alive.

If you have to force yourself to go about your life, do it. It’ll get easier as time goes on. One way to force yourself to remember what you’re trying to do. The hard moments can be worked through.

There’s nothing that you can do to make your grief go away. All you can do is go along for the ride, although you’re a passenger. One way to look at the rest of your life is that your grief will never go away. You’ll always have to deal with it. It can, however, change forms. It may become like a scar that still exists but doesn’t actively pain you at every moment.

When you’re searching for funeral homes Sinking Spring, PA, it’s because you’re facing a serious need. Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services can help you at this delicate moment your life. Our staff is compassionate, understanding, and professional. When you’re ready, please come see us at 1605 Rockland St, Reading, PA,19604. Or you can reach us by calling (610) 376-0985.