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cremation services in Cumru Township, PA

Planning Cremation Services With A Group

Chances are, when you are planning cremation services in Cumru Township, PA for a loved one who passed on, you aren’t the only person who loved that individual. In fact, there might be a family group that all wants to have a hand in the memorial service planning process. If, for example, you have lost a parent and you are one of several siblings, everyone deserves to have a hand in the planning. Here are a few ways you can get together with a group in the planning.

Designate Tasks

The funeral home can provide you with a list of things you need to decide before you start the planning process. Then, you can divvy the tasks up among your siblings or other family members. Someone might be in charge of the obituary while someone else secures a memorial service location and a third person chooses an urn. This is a nice way to take the burdens off everyone and give everyone a hand in the plans at the same time.

Have A Group Meeting

Have everyone get together, in person if possible, but over the internet in a meeting if there are different locations involved. Talk through the tasks and set up parameters for each. Even if one person chooses the urn, everyone has their say in what that person should get. You can agree on costs, styles, materials, and other such things. If your family gets along well and generally wants the same things, you can include everyone in every decision and you will all get what you want and have access to the plans.


Not every family is going to get along well enough to agree on every detail and that’s okay. In those cases, you might want to try and compromise on certain things. If your sister really wants a metal urn, you can give her that, but then ask her to allow you to have the memorial service in the park like you want. With a little give and take, you can figure out what’s best for your family through compromise.

Remember Your Loved One’s Preferences

In the end, all of you want to do what your loved one would have wanted. You might be able to better agree as to what they would want instead of what you want for them. Remember their personality and keep in mind that they wouldn’t want you to fight over their final services. Work together in whatever way you can to get the plans into place.

cremation services in Cumru Township, PA

When you are working on cremation services in Cumru Township, PA for a loved one who passed on, it might not be just you, but rather a group of family members who want to figure out what plans should be in place. The professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. can help you by letting you in on what decisions you need to make as well as suggestions for ways to work together as a group to get things into place in the right manner.

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Finding Ways To Afford Funeral Services

It’s true that funerals cost more than cremation services. Most funeral homes in Cumru Township, PA offer both so it is easy compare them to each other. Much of the reasoning behind funerals costing more is because they include many more necessary products and services than cremation. With that being the case, it makes sense that funerals cost more. If you are trying to pre-plan your own final services, and if you want to have a traditional funeral, you might think about paying in advance as well. When you take care of the costs, your loved ones don’t have that burden. Plus, you get today’s prices instead of whatever they will be in the future, which can save you a lot of money. But you will have to find ways to afford the higher costs of what you want. Here are a few ways to do just that.

Have A Savings Goal

Keep in mind that when you pre-plan, you don’t have to pay in advance. But when you do make choices for your own final services, you will know what everything is going to cost. That will help you to put a plan into place that can help you to save up what you need and pay off the funeral home when you are able. You have a bottom line goal and you can start working towards it.

Finance The Process

The funeral home might have a financing plan that allows you to pay a little each month towards your funeral costs until the bill is paid in full. If you should happen to pass away before you pay for it all, your family only has a fraction of the costs left. Or, if the funeral home doesn’t offer that option, you could take out a persona loan to cover the costs and then pay that loan back on a monthly basis.

Dip Into Savings

You never want to spend your emergency funds on something that isn’t a real emergency, but if you have some extra savings and you really want to take care of these costs so your family doesn’t have that burden on them in the future, there’s nothing wrong with using your savings to go that direction. Your family will likely appreciate it later.

funeral homes in Cumru Township, PA

When you work with funeral homes in Cumru Township, PA on planning your final funeral services in advance, the professionals can help you with the pricing and what you might need to do to pay for the services ahead of time as well, if that is what you would like to do. There’s no pressure to pay and you don’t have to if you aren’t able right now or don’t want to take that path. The experts at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. will help you make plans either way. We’re here to help you get things in writing so you can ensure that your family knows just what you want and that you will get it when the time comes and you need services.

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When You Can’t Attend Cremation Services In Person

Death never occurs at a good time. There just isn’t a good time for it, really. When your family has organized cremation services in Wernersville, PA for a family member and they are having the memorial service for them, you will likely want to go to honor that person and to say a final goodbye. However, there are things that come up that might stop you from attending. What can you do instead? Here are a few reasons you might not be able to attend and what you can do to get around your need to go.


The biggest reason people aren’t attending anything right now is because of the virus. In fact, families will likely keep the services very small, possibly outside, and intimate and private, if they can. If you aren’t able to go because you would push the numbers too high, or if you don’t want to attend because you are vulnerable to illnesses, you could ask that the family record the service so you can watch or hear it later. You could also possibly livestream it if the family is taking that option to heart.

You Live Far Away

If the memorial services are happening quickly enough, you might not have the time to travel to the right location for the service. Again, you could livestream the service if the family is taking that option up. Otherwise, send something to the family members that are there to remind them that you are with them in spirit. Perhaps add some flowers to the service, send a special cake to the reception, or something else that you can easily do from your location.

You Aren’t Invited

If the family is keeping things small and for immediate family only, and you are an uncle or a cousin, perhaps you aren’t invited. This could be due to number constraints in society right now or because of what the loved one said they wanted. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with having a memorial of your own to commemorate their life and say your own goodbye. You could make it as simple as going to a park and saying a few words to gathering a few of your own close family in your home for a meal in their honor. There’s no such thing as too many memorials for someone and this way, you can do whatever you want for the person.

cremation services in Wernersville, PA

There are lots of different reasons why you might not make it to a memorial service after cremation services in Wernersville, PA for a loved one in your family and that’s okay. If that sounds like a situation you are in currently, the professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are here to help you figure out what you might want to do instead of attending. We can help you with livestreaming, recording, ideas for gifts to send, or even options of things you might want to do on your own to remember your loved one.

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What To Send To A Friend At Funeral Homes

You may have been through a death in your family in the past. You know how the grief can feel and how much support you needed to get through the grieving process. When you have a friend who is working with funeral homes in Wernersville, PA to arrange final services for a loved one, all you want to do is be there for them. If they live far away, you might not be able to attend their loved one’s services to show your support, as you might like to. But there are other things you can do to help them remember you are there for them in any way possible. One thing is to send some sort of gift to the funeral home. Here are a few options to consider:

Flowers Or Plants

The most popular gifts to send to most services are flowers or plants. These items can decorate the funeral home room your friend is using and mean a lot to them as well. Flowers can even be taken to the graveside service and placed on the loved one’s casket. Plants are something your friend can take home with them to enjoy and remember their loved one later on. But are completely acceptable, nice gifts to send.

Cards And Money

If you don’t want to send flowers because you feel like they will get enough, you could send a sympathy card with some money inside. The card can be simple and just remind your friend that you are sorry for their loss, thinking of them, and there to support them. You can just send that or, if you want, send money as well. Your friend can use the money towards the final services if they don’t have enough to cover everything and it can be a great relief to have help. Or, they can donate the funds to a charity in their loved one’s name, which is also very touching.

A Care Package

If you want to send something more unique and personal, a care package is a nice idea. You can include whatever you want like books, candles, food, crossword puzzles, knitting supplies, or whatever else you think your friend would like and appreciate. This is a customizable, thoughtful way to remind someone you are thinking of them and are there for them.

funeral homes in Wernersville, PA

When you hear that a friend has lost a loved one, you might feel helpless. While there aren’t things you can do to take away their pain and grief, sending something to funeral homes in Wernersville, PA for them can remind them that they aren’t alone in their situation and that you, among others, are there to help them through it. The professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are here to help you come up with ideas of what you might want to send. Call us and tell us about your friend and your relationship to them and we will help you come up with good options to send.