cremation services in Cumru Township, PA

Planning Cremation Services With A Group

Chances are, when you are planning cremation services in Cumru Township, PA for a loved one who passed on, you aren’t the only person who loved that individual. In fact, there might be a family group that all wants to have a hand in the memorial service planning process. If, for example, you have lost a parent and you are one of several siblings, everyone deserves to have a hand in the planning. Here are a few ways you can get together with a group in the planning.

Designate Tasks

The funeral home can provide you with a list of things you need to decide before you start the planning process. Then, you can divvy the tasks up among your siblings or other family members. Someone might be in charge of the obituary while someone else secures a memorial service location and a third person chooses an urn. This is a nice way to take the burdens off everyone and give everyone a hand in the plans at the same time.

Have A Group Meeting

Have everyone get together, in person if possible, but over the internet in a meeting if there are different locations involved. Talk through the tasks and set up parameters for each. Even if one person chooses the urn, everyone has their say in what that person should get. You can agree on costs, styles, materials, and other such things. If your family gets along well and generally wants the same things, you can include everyone in every decision and you will all get what you want and have access to the plans.


Not every family is going to get along well enough to agree on every detail and that’s okay. In those cases, you might want to try and compromise on certain things. If your sister really wants a metal urn, you can give her that, but then ask her to allow you to have the memorial service in the park like you want. With a little give and take, you can figure out what’s best for your family through compromise.

Remember Your Loved One’s Preferences

In the end, all of you want to do what your loved one would have wanted. You might be able to better agree as to what they would want instead of what you want for them. Remember their personality and keep in mind that they wouldn’t want you to fight over their final services. Work together in whatever way you can to get the plans into place.

cremation services in Cumru Township, PA

When you are working on cremation services in Cumru Township, PA for a loved one who passed on, it might not be just you, but rather a group of family members who want to figure out what plans should be in place. The professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. can help you by letting you in on what decisions you need to make as well as suggestions for ways to work together as a group to get things into place in the right manner.