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Affordable Memorials After Funeral Home Services

Once you make contact with funeral homes in Wernersville, PA after a loved one has passed on, you have to figure out how to meet your loved one’s needs and how to get your family what they need to move forward as well. There are plenty of different options to take. If you are on a budget, lots of people go with cremation because it costs less. Once the cremation process is over, you can do whatever kind of memorial service you want. But you might still feel like you want to do something to memorialize them in your own way. Here are things you can do that are very affordable and thoughtful. They can be very meaningful to your healing process as well.

Keep Your Memories Alive

You will want to try and find ways to keep your loved one’s memories alive. Talk about them. Think about those times. Perhaps even write some of the memories down so you don’t forget them yourself. Keeping the memories alive is a big part of keeping your loved one a part of your life even after they are gone.

Use Photographs Around The House

Just because your loved one is gone doesn’t mean you have to erase them from your home. In fact, you should find ways to use photos around the house to remind everyone about them. If you have a favorite picture of them, put it on the wall. Or, incorporate photos of them around family group photos so they are always a part of that display, even if they can’t be in new photos themselves. When you see the photos, it will remind you of them and the good times you had with them.

Write A Letter

When you want to talk to your loved one, perhaps get out a journal and write a letter to them. You can tell them how you are dealing with the loss, how much you miss them, and other things that are going on in your life. You can read through those letters later to remind you of them again and how you coped with losing them.

Repurpose Their Belongings

If your loved one had a t-shirt collection, you might memorialize them by having those shirts made into a quilt. If they had a lot of books, make a shelf out of some of them. Taking some of their belongings and making them into something you could actually use can help you to create something new that will remind you of them.funeral homes in Wernersville, PA

Make A Playlist

If there are certain songs that always make you think of your loved one, create a playlist of those songs and play it whenever you are thinking about them and trying to honor their memory. You can even share that list with others who might appreciate it, too.

The professionals at funeral homes in Wernersville, PA can come up with other ideas that can help you memorialize a loved one. Just call Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. for ideas.