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Cremation Myths…Funeral Home Truths

If you are considering cremation services for yourself, or for a family member, you might be turned away because you have heard certain myths that you believe to be true. Before you turn away from cremation because of those myths, it’s good to consult with funeral homes in Mohnton, PA to talk about what’s true and what’s not. Here are some of the myths and the truths that funeral homes will stand behind.

Myth: Atheists Are The Only Ones Who Use Cremation

This is not true in any way. Whether you are a person of deep faith or not, you can use a cremation service. Cremation has become much more popular in recent years because it is widely accepted—and that includes most major religions. Check with your church before you move forward with the plan, but you might be surprised to find out that most churches are okay with the idea and some even appreciate it over other options.

Myth: Cremation Causes Environmental Hazards With The Remains

Cremation does but some fumes into the environment from the process, but it causes much less harm to the environment than a traditional burial and the cremated remains cause no health risks at all. You will want to look into the rules as to where you can scatter the ashes, but for the most part, they won’t cause any harm in many locations. They will mix into the ground, for example, or the water, and be a part of that area for the future.

Myth: Funerals Are More Honorable Than Cremation Services

Funeral and cremation services are two different methods of accomplishing the same goal. They both are able to take care of a person after they have passed away and they both are perfectly honorably ways to go about it. When you think about one over the other, think about family preferences, budget, and other such things. It’s not about which is ‘better’ because they are both perfectly respectful. Instead, think about what’s better for your family member or what you want for yourself.

funeral homes in Mohnton, PA

Myth: Cremated Ashes Are The Same As Fire Ashes

If you have a campfire, there are ashes from the wood you used. Those ashes have a similar consistency to cremated remains, but the remains aren’t really ashes at all, though we often refer to them in that manner. The cremated remains are actually ground up bone fragments that are consistent with a fine sand. You can call them ashes, if you want, but they are much different than the ashes you would find in a fireplace. They are remnants from a person, not from wood.

When you are looking into cremation, and you have questions about things you have heard, funeral homes in Mohnton, PA can help you figure out what’s real and what’s not so you can move forward with your decisions with all of the information before you. It’s important for you to have all of the details so you can make the right choices with confidence as you move forward.