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Flower Options To Take To Funeral Homes

When someone in your family passes on, or you want to honor a friend who is grieving a loved one at funeral homes in Reading, PA, one of the most obvious gifts to send or bring to the service is a flower arrangement. Flowers are very significant and mean a lot of different things. While not everyone understands their meanings, if you talk to the owners at a flower shop, they can guide you to the right flowers for the right statement in these situations. These are some of the options that are the most popular or funerals.


Roses are classic and can fit into any occasion, including a funeral. They also come in a variety of colors and every color means something different. White roses are popular for funerals because they mean innocence. Yellow is a sign of friendship and is a tender sentiment. You can even go with red, which shows love and sympathy in grief and loss. These are the most common rose colors for funerals.


Carnations also come in a variety of colors and they are popular in funeral home arrangements. They are often paired with other lowers in an arrangement since they are on the small side and go along well with lots of things. Pink and white are the most popular for funerals, but you can pick any color you want to highlight among the other flowers you choose.


Liles are arguably the most popular funeral flower because of their simple, white appearance. They work well in somber services and everyone will know what you are saying when you bring them to the funeral. They can be paired with other flowers or left on their own.


Tulips are an uplifting flower that can help lighten the mood around a service. They inspire courage and hope and send a great message to the person you are bringing them for. You can place them in an arrangement as well or leave the on their own with a variety of colors.


Outside of flowers, some people bring plants to a funeral home in order to give it as a gift to the family. Family members will use flowers as decorations and they might place some on the grave, but with plants, they can take them home, keep them, and remember their loved one and your sentiment.

These are a few examples of flowers that work well at funeral homes in Reading, PA around final services. If you’d like more details, or need advice on what to bring or send, the professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Crematory, Inc. are here to help. We organize and implement final services, but we also are here for those supporting the bereaved and we will answer any questions you have about flowers or anything else you need to know. You can visit us at 6 Fairlane Rd Reading, PA 19606 for a tour or you can call us at (610) 779-2800 with questions.