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Funeral Traditions Around the World

When the time comes for Reading, PA funeral homes, you’re going to want a lot of support. Dealing with grief can be very difficult, especially if you’re trying to do it on your own. Knowing that your friends and family are by your side can help tremendously.

If you don’t have much experience with death, you might have many questions about the funeral service. Many things are culture-dependent and not intuitive. The beliefs that should be honored during the service are the deceased’s. If you don’t know exactly what they were, try your best.

Different cultures across the globe have different traditions. You aren’t bound to honor the traditions of your area if you believe that’s not what the deceased would have wanted. Feel free to incorporate whatever elements you feel are appropriate.

South Korean Burial Beads

In some parts of South Korea, it’s common to compress the remains of the deceased into a colored, bead-like substance. The beads can then be displayed in your home or kept in a private space. The act helps some people process their grief.

People respond to visible emblems of the dead. Something innocuous like beads are useful because they can stir up memories or emotions without being too affecting.

Glamorous Coffins

Mourners in Ghana show their respect for the dead by using a glamorous, personalized coffin. Instead of a plain wooden box. The coffins are designed to represent the interests of the deceased. Someone who loved their business might have signs from their company decorated on their coffin. Or a fashion lover might be buried in a coffin that looks like a high-end pair of shoes.

Tibetan Sky Funeral

This tradition sees the deceased’s body left on a high hill as an offering to the birds and animals in the area. Many Buddhists believe that after a person dies, their body no longer contains their essence. Allowing the birds to consume the body is seen as participating in the circle of life.

You can’t do this in the West because there are strict rules protecting how human remains must be disposed. However, you can hold a mock ceremony.

Upbeat Funeral Procession

New Orleans has its own culture. A typical funeral procession in the area will be a loud, almost joyous-sounding affair. The mourners are surrounded by jazz musicians. Sometimes they play upbeat music. There’s an idea that a funeral is meant to celebrate the life of the deceased. It doesn’t have to be a completely somber affair. It can be pleasant.

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