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Funeral Etiquette Tips You Should Follow

Funerals are intense and solemn affairs attended by several grieving people. Searching for funeral homes Reading, PA is an emotional process.

You need to be considerate and courteous while attending a funeral service, despite your unruly feelings and emotions. People who have never attended a funeral before often make mistakes and can cause offense.

Here are the top funeral etiquette tips that can help you get through the event without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Wear Something Respectable and Dark Colored

Wearing jeans and a t-shirt to a funeral is definitely not a good idea. While males should go for formals, females should try to wear modest dresses and pants. You should also avoid loud and bright colors like blue, red, bright pink, etc. as they are generally not suitable for a funeral ceremony.

Leave Early and Arrive Early

Arriving late at a funeral ceremony is something that is not appreciated. You should try arriving early for a funeral, keeping a buffer for traffic conditions and unexpected delays. If you can’t avoid being late, make sure you enter the funeral home as quietly as possible.

Don’t disturb anyone during the funeral ceremony by talking or trying to find a place at the front. Just take a seat at the back so that no one is distracted because of you during the service.

Switch Off Your Phone

A funeral is a solemn affair, and a phone call or a message beep can disrupt the people attending the ceremony. Attending to such calls can also be taken as being disrespectful to the ceremony and the deceased. Keep your phone on silent or switch it off before you enter the funeral home.

Do not attend to any calls while the ceremony is going on, not even by stepping out to accept them.

Ask to Hear Stories About the Deceased

Grieving people love to remember the deceased soul. It is always good to ask them stories about the deceased. It comforts them and heals them to narrate stories about the person. If you still feel short of words, you can simply hug the grieving person and listen to them. You need not be very close to them; just your presence will make them feel taken care of.

Sit Near the Middle or Back

Well, if you aren’t among the close friends or family of the deceased, it is better to safely choose a seat in the middle or at the back. The first two rows at a funeral service are generally reserved for very close friends and immediate family members.

Support the family

Patience is the key while talking to a grieving person.

Avoid using the terms “time will heal” or “you will need to move on.” People don’t get over the loss of a loved one but over the period get to live the life with their memories. Show your support by making it less stressful for them. Share their loneliness and sadness. That’s the best way to support them.

No one wants to think about funeral homes Reading, PA, but death is an unfortunate part of life that no one can avoid. To make the process less painful, it’s important to choose a funeral company that you can trust. At Bean Funeral Homes & Crematory, Inc., we’re committed to serving our customers in their time of need. Call us today at (610) 779-2800 or stop by at 6 Fairlane Rd, Reading, PA.

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What is Appropriate to Send to a Grieving Widow or Widower?

We hope that you never need the services of Shillington, PA cremations. However, that’s not realistic.

Condolences…. It is so difficult to express them!

No gifts or words can be perfect during times as difficult as a recent death. But that is a fact of life and everyone needs to accept this.

Everything changes with the death of a loved one, especially if it was your spouse who passed away. Your daily routine is forever changed. Your house can start to haunt you.

There are no words to convey our feelings of sympathy for their loss. What should you take with you as a gift during such a difficult time?

Well, you don’t need to take anything fancy!

Meaningful gifts that make the life of the grieving person a little easier can be a perfect choice. If you are thinking about giving a meaningful gift to a widow or widower, try to come up with gifts that can help reduce their stress.

Here are some gift ideas we believe can help lessen their sorrow:


Flowers are nature’s best gift and can soothe any soul. They serve as a beacon of hope and provide relief to the recipient. Gifting someone flowers in their hour of grief is considered very thoughtful and comforting.

Gift Basket

A person who is sorrowful, who is already depressed would naturally don’t feel like going to the store. At such times, dropping off baskets of food and home supplies are a perfect idea. A gift basket with things like toilet paper, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, shampoo, grocery, etc. can make a perfect gift basket.

Something Personal

You can even opt to gift something personal. This can be anything that you can come up with that you feel will bring comfort to the person. It can be something like a personalized pillow (so that she can hug it anytime she wants) to a quilt made from his shirts! Anything that will help relive the golden memories of the past can also make up to the perfect gift.

Gift Cards

Well, at times you know the person very well, but you don’t know her needs.

And you just don’t want to assume what she might need during those times. In such a situation, giving her the liberty to buy whatever she requires is the best gift one can opt for. A gift card does the perfect job! This way you are giving her the freedom to buy things of her own choice, and there can be no gift more useful than that. This will not only make her believe how thoughtful you are but will also assure her that she is not alone during such difficult times.

Finding the right Shillington, PA cremations can be an emotional process. Our staff at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services is prepared to help. Call us at (610) 376-1120 or visit our 129 E Lancaster Ave, Shillington, PA location. You shouldn’t have to worry about planning the end of life service.

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How to Discuss Death with Children

Death, a term that is too dreadful to discuss, especially with kids. When your family needs the services of Sinking Spring, PA funeral homes, it’s incredibly difficult.

Explaining the concept of death to these tiny tots is very challenging. You always want to avoid this, but there are times when you are forced to introduce this hard truth of life to them. There is just no other way to do it than to gather your courage and discuss this sad fact of life.

Well, we don’t say we can make this discussion simple for you, but we can provide you with certain tips and tricks that might make it a little easier for you to explain it to them.

These tips and tricks will not only help you with the process but will also ensure that your child has a good understanding of the concept:

Discuss the Death

The death of a person close to you can break you from within. If this happens with a person close to your child, it’s even more heart-wrenching. Like adults, children experience sorrow, loss and anxiety when someone dies. Avoid having a big conversation during the acute moments of their grief.

So, when is the appropriate time for a discussion?

Well, this is something you need to figure out. You might use the death of an animal or a celebrity whom your child knows but doesn’t have any personal attachment to as a way to broach the subject.

Try to be Clear and Concise

Kids are very concrete in their thinking and they believe whatever you say. Therefore, you need to choose your words wisely. Talking about death in a generic sense might confuse them. Don’t use vague terms like “passed away” or “moved on.” You want it to be very clear that the deceased isn’t coming back.

For example, if you say that ‘grandma died because of a disease,” they might assume that anyone who gets sick dies soon! That is the kind of impact your words can have!

Reassure them that though most of the people live long, at times when a person gets too sick the body, or certain parts of the body, stop working and they die. Assure your child that they’re not in danger but let them know that death is a natural process.

Be Direct

It is important to explain all the facts clearly so that there is no hope of confusion.

People often speak in vague terms like the deceased person has gone somewhere and will come back, etc. Don’t do that.

This will give your child a false hope and can do more bad than good. Though it may sound harsh, you need to explain to your child that the person has stopped breathing and will never come back. The child will now never be able to see or speak to the deceased person, but that person will always remain in their heart and memories. You might have to answer a lot of confused questions but this is okay. Be patient.

Everyone who needs the help of Sinking Spring, PA funeral homes should reach out to Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services. We have multiple convenient locations, including one at 1605 Rockland St, Reading, PA. You can reach us at (610) 376-0985. Let our compassionate, professional team help you.

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How to Deal with a Sudden Death

Searching for a Reading, PA funeral home is an emotionally difficult task. Yet, when a loved one dies suddenly you may have no other choice. There’s a chance that your loved one never planned for the end of their life. Preparing for the funeral is one of the most important steps that you’ll take. Your loved one’s friends and family will gather to share their memories and say their goodbyes.


Reach Out to Friends

reach out to a friend

You might be overwhelmed when you’re hit with an unexpected tragedy. Suddenly, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make. You might still need to go to work or take care of your children during this time as well.

Remember, your friends and family want to help you. Reach out for their support. You might need help planning the funeral or perhaps you’re too busy to think about preparing meals. A loved helping you with household chores for a few days could be very useful.


Take Care of Yourself


It’s easy to forget about taking care of your own needs after a sudden death. You might forget to sleep or eat. However, you should try very hard to avoid this. If your body breaks down or you can become ill, it’ll make your grief even harder to bear.

Schedule self-care reminders for yourself if you need to. You can set an alarm to remind yourself to eat, shower, to go for a walk.


Speak with Your Children

speak with your children

If you have children affected by the loss, you will have to handle their grief as well as their own. The situation needs to be explained in an age-appropriate way. Your behavior will have a profound effect on your child’s ability to accept the loss.


See a Professional

seek help from therapist

Grief can be overwhelming. If you’re having a hard time getting through your day, you might feel better if you sought mental health treatment or saw a grief counselor. A professional knows how to help you. Don’t be afraid to see multiple providers until you find someone that you like and trust.


Join a Group

group sharing

It’s possible that you don’t have anyone in your life to who you feel comfortable talking. Getting an appointment to see a therapist can take weeks or months. You can find additional support by joining a group for people who’ve experienced loss. You can go to in-person meetups or stick to online only if you feel more comfortable.

You should reach for human connection wherever you can find it. As much socialization as you can handle is healthy.


When you’re looking for the best Reading, PA funeral homes, you should call us at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services. Our compassionate staff can help guide you through one of the most difficult times in your life. Give us a call at (610) 376-0985 or stop by our conveniently located 1605 Rockland St Reading, PA, location.