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Remembering Cremation Services In The Future

After you have cremation service in Reading, PA for a loved one, that’s not all there is to it. You will carry on their memory in your heart and in the stories and memories you share well into the future. After holding a memorial service that means a lot to you and your family and truly honors your loved one, you will want to remember that event as well. Here are a few ways to remember the cremation service you held for a loved one.

Audio Or Video Record The Service

If you are going to have people share memories at the service or do something else special, you may be in a fog yourself and not remember everything everyone said later. There are benefits to having someone audio record or take a video of the service. That way, on an anniversary, special day, or another occasion, you can listen to or watch the memorial service and remember what happened.

Keep The Bulletin

Many families put a bulletin together that tells guests the order of events at the memorial service as well as other details about their loved one. You can expand upon the obituary here and add details that are important, but weren’t pertinent to the obituary. Keep this bulletin in a special location as a remind of the service that was held for your loved one.

Put Together A Memorial Item

There are plenty of ways to carry on your loved one’s memory. In order to look back on their final service, perhaps take the things you placed on the memory table and put them together in a book along with the bulletin, notes from sympathizers, and other such things. When you want to think about them and the services you had for them, you can flip through that book. You could also have something like a picture frame that people at the service signed with their well wishes. Any time you look at that item and read the signatures, you’ll think of your loved one and their services.

There are plenty of other ways to remember your loved one’s memorial service years into the future. They were special and unique and you wanted their services to be as much, too. It can be hard to put it all together and sit through it and then remember every detail later. That’s why special ways to remind yourself of the services can help you keep things alive in your mind later.

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