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Storage For Remains After Cremation Services

Once you have decided that you want to have cremation services in Wernersville, PA for a loved one, you will have to figure out what you want to do with their remains once they are cremated. There are many different storage options and things you can do once the cremation is complete, including memorial services and other things. Here are some storage options for when your loved one’s cremation is complete.

An Urn

The most common way to store a loved one’s remains is to use an urn. The urn can come in many different materials and looks a variety of different ways. It’s a nice way to bury remains, display them at services, keep them in your home, place them in a columbarium, or a variety of other things. Even if you scatter your loved one’s ashes at some point, you might want the urn for the memorial service and then to keep as a remind of your loved one.

Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry is unique and an honoring way to keep a loved one close. You can get a jewelry piece and have a little bit of your loved one placed inside. You can split your loved one’s remains among relatives and let several people have some of them with them at all times. They can also be passed down through the generations as an heirloom. You can use an urn in addition to cremation jewelry. You can scatter some ashes and keep some. Or do a variety of other things.

The Simple Container

When you decide on cremation, you will look at the cremation service packages with the funeral home. You will notice that all of the packages are all-inclusive, meaning they come with everything you have to have for the process. You are able to add things, of course, but you get what your loved one needs first and foremost. One of the things the packages come with are simple containers that allow your loved one to be placed in something that resembles a nice box. You can get an urn, if you want, but you can also just use the simple container provided.

A Memorial Bench

cremation services in Wernersville, PAIt’s nice to do something that feels like your loved one would appreciate it in way of storing their remains. If they loved to garden, you might want to get a memorial bench that you can put right out in the garden. There are benches that have urns or compartments on them so your loved one can be stored out there, in the garden, and you can, in a way, sit with them when you want to think about them.

There are plenty of other options on the market and if you want to hear more about them, you can talk to the professionals helping you with cremation services in Wernersville, PA to get the details and information you need. Contact Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. any time you have questions and we’re here to help.

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Affordable Memorials After Funeral Home Services

Once you make contact with funeral homes in Wernersville, PA after a loved one has passed on, you have to figure out how to meet your loved one’s needs and how to get your family what they need to move forward as well. There are plenty of different options to take. If you are on a budget, lots of people go with cremation because it costs less. Once the cremation process is over, you can do whatever kind of memorial service you want. But you might still feel like you want to do something to memorialize them in your own way. Here are things you can do that are very affordable and thoughtful. They can be very meaningful to your healing process as well.

Keep Your Memories Alive

You will want to try and find ways to keep your loved one’s memories alive. Talk about them. Think about those times. Perhaps even write some of the memories down so you don’t forget them yourself. Keeping the memories alive is a big part of keeping your loved one a part of your life even after they are gone.

Use Photographs Around The House

Just because your loved one is gone doesn’t mean you have to erase them from your home. In fact, you should find ways to use photos around the house to remind everyone about them. If you have a favorite picture of them, put it on the wall. Or, incorporate photos of them around family group photos so they are always a part of that display, even if they can’t be in new photos themselves. When you see the photos, it will remind you of them and the good times you had with them.

Write A Letter

When you want to talk to your loved one, perhaps get out a journal and write a letter to them. You can tell them how you are dealing with the loss, how much you miss them, and other things that are going on in your life. You can read through those letters later to remind you of them again and how you coped with losing them.

Repurpose Their Belongings

If your loved one had a t-shirt collection, you might memorialize them by having those shirts made into a quilt. If they had a lot of books, make a shelf out of some of them. Taking some of their belongings and making them into something you could actually use can help you to create something new that will remind you of them.funeral homes in Wernersville, PA

Make A Playlist

If there are certain songs that always make you think of your loved one, create a playlist of those songs and play it whenever you are thinking about them and trying to honor their memory. You can even share that list with others who might appreciate it, too.

The professionals at funeral homes in Wernersville, PA can come up with other ideas that can help you memorialize a loved one. Just call Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. for ideas.

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What To Do About A Sudden Death

It’s hard to lose someone who you know is going to pass away, but it can feel even harder to lose someone suddenly when you weren’t expecting their death. The professionals at funeral homes in Mohnton, PA have compassion for your situation, no matter what it might be. And if you lose someone suddenly, here are some tips to help you through the process from start to finish.

Find A Funeral Home To Help You

One of the earliest things you are going to want to do is find a funeral home that can help you with the final service process. These professionals know that you are feeling a sense of shock right now and they are here to help you through the plans from start to finish. They want to ensure that you take care of your loved one’s needs and they know just what to do, even if you have no idea where to start.

Ask About Grief Counseling Resources

You might be prepared for death if an older person in your family is ill, but when someone passes away suddenly, you might want some counseling to help you to come to terms with what has happened and get closure and the chance to say a final goodbye. You might want to have the family gather for a counseling session, get a counselor individually, or something else to help you get through the hard time you know is ahead of you.

Lean On Family

When your family is all going through a loss, it’s important to lean on one another. While you each have different relationships with the person who has passed on, you all lost the same person. And it was sudden for all of you. You can lean on each other, talk to one another, support each other, and get through the times ahead as a unit.

Take The Time You Need To Process

There’s no need to rush through the grieving process just because you feel like you are on a timeline for final services. Instead, you should take the time you need to process the situation. If you want to take the timeline away from things completely, you might go with cremation services. That will help you to meet your loved one’s needs, but give you time to process what you need to so you can have whatever service you want when you are ready.

funeral homes in Mohnton, PAIf you need help with a sudden death in your family, the professionals in funeral homes in Mohnton, PA are here to help at any time. You can call us day or night, any time of the week, even on holidays or weekends. We’re here to help you get through some of the hardest days. We want to care for your loved one and show you the compassion you need. The professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are here to help in any way possible. We want you to see the other side of this hard time.

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What You Miss If You Go With Cremation And No Service

There are lots of options to decide upon, even if you want to go with cremation services in Mohnton, PA for a loved one. You can have just the cremation without any services around it, but you might feel like you missed out later if you don’t at least consider a service of some kind. Here are some things that might feel like they are missing if you don’t move forward with services after the cremation is complete.

Providing Closure For You And Your Family

It’s important to get a sense of closure after someone passes on. You want your family members to be able to get that sense of closure, and you need it yourself as well. It’s possible that you got it already because you were with your loved one when they passed away. But having a service can help other people in your family get closure. They will see that your loved one is gone and they will remember they aren’t coming back. That can help them to move on.

Having Family Gather For Comfort

When someone in your family passes on, you need comfort from other members of the family. It can be hard to get what you need if your family doesn’t gather together. The service is a good excuse for everyone to be in the same place at the same time so you are able to comfort one another, share hugs, talk about your loved one, tell stories, and go over the memories you have regarding that person.

Honoring The Loved One

Even if you don’t need closure from such a service, you might want to have something so you can honor your loved one. It’s nice to remember that person, talk about how they were special, and bring up times that meant a lot to you. Having a service could be as simple as gathering your family for a meal, and talking about your loved one. You can have something larger and more formal as well, if you want.

Saying Goodbye In A Nice Way

cremation services in Mohnton, PAIt’s wise to find a way to say goodbye to your loved one and a lot of people do that through some sort of final service. You can tell that person that you’ll miss them and put a stamp on the finality of their life. It might make it feel a bit easier to say goodbye and then move on if you have a service of some sort.

When you decide that cremation services in Mohnton, PA are the right move for your family member who has passed on, there are lots of memorial options that you can do around those services. Keep in mind that once the cremation part of the process is over, you don’t have a timeline on anything so you can have a service at any time in the future. Contact the professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. for help with anything at all.

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Trying To Get Past Grief After Funeral Home Services

Going through final services for a loved one is always going to be hard. When you work with the professionals at funeral homes in Mohnton, PA, they are going to support you in any way they can. But once the funeral home services are behind you, it might feel like you are on your own in dealing with the grief. Here are some things that might help you to slowly move past it and into a new sense of normal.

Get Grief Resources To Try

Just because the funeral home services are behind you doesn’t mean that you can’t ask the funeral home for more help. In fact, the professionals are there to help you in any way possible at any time. After the services are over, if you feel like you are still struggling, you can talk to the professionals and see what grief resources they have to offer to you. They can tell you about local counselors they recommend, grief support groups, and other things that might help you get what you need moving forward.

Celebrate Life

It is impossible not to be sad about your loved one’s death, but if you are able to focus yourself on the wonderful life they had, it might help you move past your grief. If you have a funeral for your loved one, that is a nice way to honor them, get closure over their death, and say a final goodbye. After that, you can remember the happy times with them, smile over those memories. And celebrate the person they were. Focusing on the good parts of their life might help you to move past the sadness of the grief.

Distract Yourself

While you don’t want to ignore your grief, as it is something you need to work through, there’s also nothing wrong with having some distractions form the grief from time to time. Go for a walk in the park, invite a friend over for coffee, volunteer somewhere and take your mind off the grieving process, even if just for a little while.

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Gather Support

You shouldn’t have to go through this time alone and there are plenty of other people in your life who want to support you through it. When you are having a hard day, reach out to that friend who is always willing to talk. When you need a hug, invite a family member over to grieve with you. You need support and there are loved ones in your life who are willing to give it.

If you are working with one of the funeral homes in Mohnton, PA on final services for a loved one, you are also going to have to figure out a way through the grief once those things are behind you. Contact the professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. and we can help you with the planning process. We also offer support and compassion along the way and well after the services.

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What If Cremation Services Cost Too Much?

While cremation services in Wernersville, PA cost a lot less than funeral services because they include far fewer products and services, when someone in your family passes on, you might find that you can’t afford the cremation process. What are you to do? You talk to the funeral home and figure out what packages are available and then, you have to decide how you are going to pay for the process you have chosen. Here are a few options to consider:

Talk To Your Family

One of the first things you might want to try is talk to your relatives who care about the person who passed on as well. They might be able and willing to pool their resources and help with the costs. They might want to take on something specific, like an urn or a reception, or they might just give you money to use for the cremation in general. It might be hard to ask, but many of your family members would probably be happy to help.

Look For Programs

There are programs out there that are meant to help people with service expenses. You can check with your local funeral home and see if they have anything in mind that you might qualify for. It could help you to cover the cremation or something else that you have in mind for your loved one. It can at least cover parts of it.

Get A Loan

You might be able to take out a personal loan and those can be used for any reason. You can get the loan and then pay off the services in monthly increments that you are more easily able to afford. It is a nice way to give your loved one what they need without having to worry about a larger lump sum that you have to come up with yourself.

Use Donations

When you lose a loved one, people around you are going to want to support you. They will send flowers, cards, and likely money as well. You can use the money for the cremation service and whatever is left, you can use for a charitable donation in honor of your loved one. You might be able to cover the cremation service you need for them and then some through the donations you receive.

cremation services in Wernersville, PA

When you are working on cremation services in Wernersville, PA for a loved one, you should figure out what you need money-wise and then, find a way to cover it. You may have family members who are willing to help. There are also programs out there that can help you cover certain things. You can use donations from people who send money, or you could even take out a loan. The professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are here to help you figure out what services you want, and we can also make suggestions on how you can pay for the things your loved one needs during this hard time.

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Making A Difference With A Funeral Home

Funeral homes in Wernersville, PA offer traditional as well as contemporary services for people who have passed away. Having a funeral feels like a common thing to do and something that people almost expect. While there are certainly lots of options today including memorial services and life celebrations, it makes a difference to have some sort of service for a person who has passed away. Here are a few reasons why that is the case.

Honor The Deceased

When someone passes on, one of the first things their family members want to do is remember them and honor them in some way. Much of the final service is simply about remembering that person with honor and respect. When you do things the right way for them, it can give you peace of mind and the ability to move on into the future.

Say A Final Goodbye

Most people who attend a funeral weren’t able to tell the person who passed on goodbye in person. In some cases, no one was able to do that. The funeral or memorial service is a change to say that final goodbye in their own special way. For some people, that might mean saying a prayer at the memorial service. For someone else, it might mean saying something to their loved one in their casket. For others, it might just be attending that gives them a sense of peace over the situation and the final goodbye.

Getting Closure

Closure is something everyone has to have in order to move on after the death of a loved one. Closure is basically the idea that the person is gone and not coming back. Once you understand that, you have closure. But it can be hard to grasp for some people and final services can certainly help. When you see the person in the casket or go through the memorial rituals, that can help gain closure, which makes the final services important.

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Gathering Support

If there’s one thing you need when you are grieving, it’s support from other people in your family—and they need that as well. Having a final service, whether it’s a funeral, a memorial service, or something else, is a good way to gather all of the people who care about your loved one into one location to support one another. When you need a shoulder to cry on or a hug, you can have it…and so can they.

There are lots of other things that funeral homes in Wernersville, PA can help you line up for your love done and your family members in order to move the grieving and healing process ahead. It’s important to do what you feel is best for your loved one and the professionals at

Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. will help you figure out what that is. While we won’t make decisions for you, we will support what you decide and implement those service details to help you in any way that we can.

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Cremation Service Myths To Forget About

People know more about cremation services in Mohnton, PA than in past decades and that’s a big part of why it has become more popular and is something more people are willing to accept and consider. But there are still myths out there and you don’t want something that isn’t even true to stop you from considering the option. Here are a few cremation myths so you know what you need to know to make a final decision.

Myth 1: Scattering Remains Is Illegal

You might know that a lot of people scatter their loved one’s remains after cremation, but is it legal? Of course, it is! That many people wouldn’t go against the law. It is certainly legal to scatter cremated remains. However, you do need to be mindful about where you scatter. You should not scatter remains on private property that you don’t own unless you have written permission. And you need to look into regulations on public grounds so you can comply with any rules that might be in place.

Myth 2: You Might Not Get Back The Right Remains

Cremation is a method that has been in place for thousands of years. That means there has been plenty of time for those who run the crematories to fine tune each and every process—and they have. There are specific procedures in place and cremation providers follow the checks and balances day in and day out. They are 100% certain that the person they are cremating is your loved one. There are no other remains in the crematory with them. And when you receive ashes back, it is your loved one through and through. There are really no mistakes in that area today.

cremation services in Mohnton, PA

Myth 3: Cremation Costs Less Because It Is A Cheap Way To Go

People place ‘cheap’ into a bad word category. Cremation costs less than funeral services, yes. That doesn’t cheapen the process. It is an honorable, respectful process that gives your loved one everything they need in a dignified manner. The reason it costs so much less is because it takes a lot of the products and services necessary for a funeral out of the picture. You no longer need a casket, a cemetery plot, a headstone, and other such things. Cremation will cost less because of that, not because it is a ‘cheap’ way to go. Inexpensive? Yes. But still high in quality.

When you are working on cremation services in Mohnton, PA for a loved one, or at least considering the option, it’s important to work with professionals, even when you have questions that feel simple. The experts at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are here to help you every step of the way. Give us a call and we will get to know your family, give you a tour of our facilities, and help you get through this trying time. If you hear anything that sounds like a myth, just ask and we’re here to help you understand the reality.

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Cremation Services Aren’t To Be Feared

When you are trying to decide what to do for a loved one who has passed on, there are two main choices: a funeral service or cremation services in Cumru Township, PA. It might be hard for you to choose cremation because it just seems like such a strange action for you. You’re used to funerals. Part of you might even fear the idea of cremation, even if you don’t realize it. But there are reasons not to fear cremation and you should understand them so when you have to make a choice, you don’t shy away from cremation just because of misconceptions.

There Are Strict Processes In Place

You should know that cremation has strict processes in place. Funeral homes have been processing cremation for a long time and they don’t operate in any way they’d like, making things different every time. There are very strict procedures in place, so they are able to identify the person from start to finish and ensure that there are no mistakes along the way. Nothing is ever missed up or mistaken. You don’t have to worry about the remains you get back. They are your loved one and your loved one alone.

There Is No Fire Used

Some people don’t like the idea of cremation because they feel like they are burning their loved one and that’s not a pleasant idea for anyone. However, there are no flames coming into contact with people at all. The crematory uses high heat, not burning flames. IT’s important to understand there isn’t burning. That can make you feel better about the way cremation processes.

There Are Regulations Governing The Systems

There are also regulations and legalities with cremation. The process is regulated and governed. Funeral homes aren’t allowed to do things however they want. They have certain regulations they have to follow to be in line with the law.

You Can Get Any Information You Need

A great thing about the information age is that when you want information about the process, you can get it. You can go online and search for the details you want. You can visit with funeral home and cremation professionals to help you understand more about it. You can talk to friends who have used it and so on. If you want details, you can get them. It’s that simple.

If you are trying to make decisions for a loved one who has passed on, keep in mind that cremation services in Cumru Township, PA as well as funeral and burial services are completely honorable and respectful. It’s important to understand that no matter what you decide and do for your loved one, you are taking care of their needs. The professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are here to help you with whatever you choose to do. If you want to know more about cremation, we are here to answer your questions and support whatever way you decide to go for your loved one.

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Taking A Funeral Home Virtual Tour

It can be hard to get around to all of the funeral homes Cumru in Township, PA in order to take a tour so you can figure out which one you want to use. But you can take virtual tours of many area funeral homes to help you get an idea what they are like. Some funeral homes have their virtual tours on their websites. If they don’t, you can ask to have pictures sent to you or you can do a video call with the funeral director and they can show you around in person, just as they would if you were there. Having a tour can really help you make decisions as to which funeral home you want to use. Here are a few things you will get from that tour.

See The Size Of The Rooms Available

If you are looking at funeral homes, you might want to have a final service in one of their rooms. You can see the different rooms available and how small or large they are. That can help you get a sense for where you might want to have the final service you need to have. You can figure out how many people you want to invite and that can also help you figure out which rooms are the best for your gathering.

Notice The Funeral Home Décor And Style

The funeral home should have nice, calming décor that you appreciate. You will be able to see what the decorations are like so you can figure out if that’s a good place for your loved one’s final services. When you see how the funeral home’s style looks, you will know if it is comforting and a place you can see yourself having final services for your loved one. You might even see something you know they would appreciate, which can help you make the decisions.

Check Out Options And Amenities

When you take the tour, you are able to see the amenities the funeral home offers for final services. You will notice the hallway with the comfortable chairs for loved ones who might want to sit in an out of the way place with just one person to talk and mourn. You will see the drink stations to keep everyone hydrated and other such things.

funeral homes Cumru in Township, PA

See The Parking Situation

You can even take a look at the parking lot to see what parking is like. Some funeral homes have several services going on at once and that can really be hard on a parking lot that isn’t large enough. You want to know that anyone you invite is going to have plenty of room to park and get into the funeral home with ease.

When you are working with funeral homes Cumru in Township, PA on final services, taking a virtual or in person tour of the facilities can help you choose the right company to help with the plans you need to make.