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Take Advantage Of These Funeral Home Perks

When a loved one passes away, you may not feel like you have a choice but to work with funeral homes in Sinking Spring, PA to arrange their final services. But the right company is not there to take advantage of you. Rather, they are there to help you in any way possible. They have a lot of things to offer you during this hard time and there are some perks you can take advantage of along the way. Here are a few to utilize:

Great Levels Of Knowledge

Working with a funeral home means you have professionals on your hand who work within the industry on a regular basis. You don’t have to organize final services very much so you might have a lot of questions about how things operate or what you can do. You can use the funeral home employees are experts to answer the questions you have. They are there to lend you their knowledge so you can move forward with whatever plans you use with confidence that they are right for your family member.

High Experience Background

You only want to work with a funeral home that has a lot of experience. Newer companies might be just fine, but you don’t want to take that chance with a loved one’s final services. Once you find an experienced funeral home, you know your loved one is in good hands and that can give you peace of mind. You can also use that experience to your advantage because they are going to have lots of options for you to consider, most of which (if not all of) they have used in the past and can tell you about.

Ideas And Suggestions

You can certainly look through the options that the funeral home has in their packages and just choose one. But if you want to customize certain things and make them feel more special for your loved one, the funeral home is a wealth of ideas and suggestions that can really help you along the way. Once they get to know your family and, through you, your loved one, they can offer customized ideas that can help you feel like the services really suit your loved one and honor them in just the right way.

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These are a few of the perks you get from using funeral homes in Sinking Spring, PA that you might not recognize when you make the initial phone call to the company you are going to use. But once you hire someone, you will start to see the different things they can help with that really are a huge benefit to you. The professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are here to help you honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit. Our experience and knowledge are here for your use and we always have ideas that you can use as well, if you find that they fit your circumstances and overall wants for your loved one.

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Traditional Cremation Services And Celebrations Of Life

Funerals and many memorial services are often somber events. They showcase someone who has passed on and mark their death. But there are other types of events you can have surrounding someone’s passing. If you go with cremation services in Reading, PA, you can then organize a celebration of life, if you choose. This type of event celebrates a life well-lived instead of marking a death. It looks back on the good times and remembers the person for who there were rather than mourning their death. If your loved one wanted a celebration of life, or if you are making the decision and you feel that is the best fit, move in that direction.

Celebrations of life are much more joyful events. They feel more like parties in your loved one’s honor. They commemorate a life instead of marking a death. At funerals and memorial services, people are subdued and speak in hushed tones, so no one bothers someone else. At a celebration of life, there could be laughter and loud voices, even.

You will notice that celebrations of life are always more casual events. They emphasize the positive parts of a person’s life instead of the sad part of their passing. It’s a more upbeat type of event and they could be held in a family home, a garden, a park, a baseball field, or a rented venue, among other places. Funerals and memorial services are often at a church or funeral home.

Funeral homes are starting to offer more celebrations of life events so they can certainly be held within the funeral home as well. Sometimes they are held in lieu of a funeral or cremation service of another kind. Sometimes they are held after the burial, after an ash scattering, or even a year later around the anniversary of someone’s death.

The biggest rule with celebrations of life is that there are no rules. You can do whatever you think your loved one would appreciate the most. Have family members bring pictures, make a memory box, show video clips, play lively music, have festive clothing, enjoy eating good food, and so on. These are just a few of the ideas you could utilize.

IF you feel that a celebration of life is what you want to do for yourself as part of your pre-plans, or for a loved one going through cremation services in Reading, PA now, the professionals at

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Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. can help with ideas, suggestions, and implementation. It is our goal to ensure that your family gets whatever they need out of the services you choose to have. Give us a call and tell us about your loved one so we can get to know them through you. We want to add as much personality and customization to the service ideas we offer as possible. You get to choose whatever happens and we will support those decisions whole-heartedly with compassion the whole way through the process of this final service.

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Reaching Out For Funeral Home Help After A Loss

When a loved one passes away, perhaps you are in the hospital with them or maybe you get a call from the nursing home or hospice care where they lived. However it happens, it’s never easy news to take. And you might feel a sense of shock at first. Once you get over that initial feeling, you know you need to reach out to funeral homes in Reading, PA and get started on the final services. Here are a few steps to follow after someone you love passes on.

Get The Death Certificate In Order

You are going to need the death certificate for a range of things, and you can’t do a whole lot without it. If your loved one passed away in a hospital or another medically related location, the process will move forward automatically. IF they happened to die at home, you will have to have an EMT or medical official come to their home and declare them dead in order to start that process. If you need assistance, the funeral home can certainly help with the process.

Have Your Loved One Transported

You won’t want to wait too long to figure out what funeral home you are going to use so you can call them and have them transport your loved one from the place of their death to the funeral home facilities. There, you know they will be in good hands while you make arrangements and get everything else in order.

Choose Services

Once you know your loved one is in good hands, that gives you peace of mind about at least a little bit of the process. You can then take a little more time arranging what needs to happen next. You can sit down with the funeral home professionals and look over the options and the various packages they have available. Keep in mind that the packages include everything you need for each service. But you can also customize anything you’d like and add things to the packages as well. This is all about what your family wants and needs and what you feel is best for your loved one. While the funeral home won’t make decisions for you, they will support you in the decisions you make.


There are, of course, many other steps to making arrangements with funeral homes in Reading, PA, but even if you haven’t had to make plans of this nature before, the professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are here for you. We’ll help you through the process in a step by step nature, so you don’t leave anything important out. We will let you know what decisions need to be made and when, so you are able to stay on the right timeline for whatever services you decide are best for your loved one. You and everyone in your family will get nothing but compassion from us whenever we visit. And when you leave your plans to us, we’ll implement them with grace.

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Saving Costs With Cremation Services

Cremation is more affordable than a traditional funeral, hands down. But there are ways to save even more with certain cremation services in Shillington, PA than you would with other cremations. If cost is a concern for you, using the least expensive way to honor someone is in your best interest. Here are a few ways that you can save even further with cremation:


Probably the biggest way you can save with cremation is through pre-planning. When you pre-plan a final service, you have the option of pre-paying as well. When you pay today, you pay today’s prices and you never have to pay more. Even if the plans aren’t used for decades, the price remains. You know costs are only going to rise so by getting today’s costs, you save a significant amount of money over whatever they might be in the future. Of course, you can only pre-plan for yourself, most of the time. If you have to plan services for someone who recently passed away, this just isn’t an option.

2-Go Direct

There are two main types of cremation: direct and full. Full cremation is the kind that allows you to have a visitation and funeral before the cremation takes place. OF course, that adds services to everything and, more costs as well. Direct cremation happens when you have the person cremated soon after their death without any services beforehand. You can still have whatever kind of memorial you want later, but this method is going to cost much less than full cremation.

3-Using Packages

Every funeral home and cremation provider is going to have cremation packages to consider. Keep in mind that these packages include everything you need. You don’t have to add anything to them. And all of the packages are completely honorable and respectful. Take a look at the items involved and the things included and choose based on price, if you need to. You can get everything you need for one price and it’s easy to compare the lowest prices to one another. You can put in extras, like an urn purchase, if you want. But these packages really do cover it all, even a simple container for remains.

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It’s hard to deal with a loved one’s death, especially if you feel like you aren’t in the place to afford their cremation services in Shillington, PA. Don’t feel like you have to take it all on alone. Talk to family members and friends who might want to help. Use the donations that people send towards the cremation. And be upfront with the funeral home about what you have to offer to the services. The professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. understand budgets and we can help you work what your loved one needs into a price point you can afford. We’re here to help you get the services you need for your loved one. They deserve honor, respect, and dignity during this time. And you’ll get the compassion and support you need as well.

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Social Distancing With Funeral Homes

Losing a loved one is always tough, but if you’ve lost a loved one recently, you might be concerned about honoring their memory with funeral homes in Shillington, PA because you need to keep socially distant from others. There are plenty of things you can do to make sure your loved one is well cared for without risking sickness around you. Here are a few tips that the professionals might bring up as you start to plan:

Virtual Services

Most funeral homes have adjusted and have become very flexible in these trying times. Many of them offer virtual services so you can honor your loved one with whoever you want to invite, and yet stay separated at the same time. You can, for example, do a conference call where family members and friends remain in their own homes, but everyone is virtually seeing the same service. Musicians can play from their own homes and someone can even give a eulogy. These services might be the closest you can get to including everyone who wants to attend in a safe manner.

Small Services

Since you can’t gather in a large group right now, but you want your loved one to have an honoring service sooner rather than later, you can simply move forward with a small, simple service with your closest family members. Then, once time has passed and things clear up, you can have a memorial service that feels similar to a full funeral with everyone involved. There are never too many ways to honor someone.

Organize A Charitable Donationcremation services

There are lots of charities that are in need of help—both now and always. One way to honor your loved one without a full-fledged public funeral is to ask people who might have attended the service to make a donation in their name to a certain charity. That can make an impact and bring a lot of honor to your loved one’s name at the same time. They might have even preferred that these funds went to something meaningful over a full funeral for themselves.

Recorded Services

It’s also a possibility to move forward with a service, albeit a small one, and then record those services to distribute to others who want to see it. You can audio or video record services and then let other more distant family and friends see what happened so they can participate in their own way.

If you need to have final services for a loved one right now, funeral homes in Shillington, PA. Can help you figure out what the best answer is for your specific situation. There’s nothing easy about today’s world and losing a loved one in the midst can make things all that much harder. The professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are here to help you every step of the way. We can help you organize everything you want to set up either online or on the phone if you don’t want to come in in person.

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What Can Others Do For Cremation Services?

When someone in your family passes away, one of the first things you will notice is that everyone around you wants to help in some way or another. Some people may offer specific things, which makes it easier to take them up on their offers, while others don’t know what to do, but they do want to help in some way. As you organize cremation services in Sinking Spring, PA, there are certain things you might be able to pass off to family members and friends. Not only could you use the help and support, but it’s nice for others to feel involved. Here are a few things you might be able to ask other people to do:

Write The Obituary

It’s hard for those closest to the person who passed on to write the obituary. But you might have a family member that’s a little more distant that has a flair for writing. Have them work with the right information along with possibly the funeral home to get the obituary written up. They can, of course, pass it around the family to make sure everything is included correctly. But it takes even a small job off your plate.

Set Up The Reception

Depending on what kind of memorial service you want to have, you might want to have a reception for your family after so they can gather, eat, commiserate, and support one another. That’s something you don‘t have to set up yourself. Have a friend do it, whether you need a restaurant private room booked or a potluck set up. Anyone can handle those details and it can take some worry from you and allow someone else to feel helpful.

Organize Pictures

Some people might find it painful and time consuming to go through pictures and try to put together a memory board. Others might find it cathartic and helpful for their healing. Fine a family member who has a lot of pictures and the interest in gathering what they need to put together a memory board and/or tribute video for the services. You can give them what you want to include, if you’d like, but then, you can take that chore off your list and include someone else in the preparations.

Allow The Funeral Home To Help

Outside of your family and friend group, the funeral home is there to help you with any of the details you want to pass over. The services you hold are important and funeral home professionals will carry out any decisions you make in a supportive manner.

These are a few of the things you might be able to pass to others when you are organizing cremation services in Sinking Spring, PA for a loved one. The experts at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are here to help you with any part of the process you’d like to hand over. We can help you figure out what steps to take and how to get everything ready.

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Stand Back And Let The Funeral Home Help

When you have to call one of the funeral homes in Sinking Spring, PA for help with final services for a loved one, it can be very stressful. Not only are you mourning your loss, but you have to plan services (assuming your loved one doesn’t already have them in place and pre-arranged). The benefit of calling a funeral home with lots of experience is that not only will they take care of your loved one with dignity and respect, but they also play a large role in taking care of you. They want to allow you to honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit. In doing so, they will relieve you of as many burdens as possible so you can concentrate on your family and your grief. Here are a few things the funeral home can do, if you let them, so you can get some of the things off your to-do list and spend more time with your family.

Put Together The Obituary

Maybe you feel like you should put together the obituary for your loved one yourself and that’s fine. The funeral home will let you. But it can be hard to know what to say and what all you should include. Keep in mind that funeral homes deal with these writings all the time. They can simply let you know what information they need and then write up the obituary for you in a standard manner. Keep in mind that even if you let them write it, you get the final say on what goes into it. You can edit and include anything you want once the basic outline is there.

Implement Your Decisions

Once you make decisions about whatever kind of final service you want for your loved one, you might think the next step is pulling those plans together. While that is the case, you don’t have to be the one who does that. The funeral home can take over once you decide what to do and they can make the plans happen. You are able to release the plans to them, knowing they will follow the decisions you have made and support you with whatever you need along the way.

Set Up/Tear Down

Funeral home space for services comes ready. You can ask for chairs to be set up in a certain manner and flowers to be placed in certain locations and the staff will take care of that. After the services are complete, they’ll tear things down and clean it up. You don’t have to do anything but show up and honor your loved one.

These are just a few of the things you will get when you put your plans into the hands of professionals at funeral homes in Sinking Spring, PA. The representatives at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are here to help every step of the way. We will treat your loved one with the utmost respect and you with compassion.

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Mistakes Others Have Made In Planning Cremation Services

Everyone makes mistakes on a daily basis. That’s just a part of life. But when you have to plan cremation services in Reading, PA for a loved one, you want to avoid mistakes at all costs. Planning services for a loved one is never easy, and you want to make sure you get things just right. Dealing with your grief and the fog of emotion can cloud your judgment. Here are a few mistakes other people have made in planning cremation services that you want to avoid:

Mistake 1: Jumping Into Cremation, Then Regretting It Later

Cremation is a perfectly honorable, respectful final disposition method. But if you jump at the idea and move forward with it too fast, you could end up regretting it later. Cremation is a permanent process. Once it’s done, it’s done. You want to be sure about the method before you move forward. Take your time with the decision. Talk to your family about the options. Even though you might have to guess, make sure you are confident that it’s most likely what your loved one would have wanted—or at least something they would have been okay with. You don’t want to have any regrets revolving around final services when there are so many other emotions in your life right now.

Mistake 2: Not Setting A Budget

Like anything else, final services have prices associated with them. If you choose cremation for your loved one, the prices are lower than they would be with other services. But there are still ways for things to get out of hand if you start spending without a budget plan in place. You might let your emotions get the best of you and you want nothing but the best for your love done so you start spending more than you can actually afford. Set a price parameter for the process and tell the professionals what your limits are so they can help you stay within them.

Mistake 3: Not Having A Service Of Some Kind

Not everyone wants to have a service for their loved one and that’s fine. But you should honor their memory in some way or another, even if it’s on a small scale. You don’t have to have a full-blown memorial open to the public. You can do something small with family and friends or even something with you and one other person. Saying goodbye and getting closure are important to the way you move forward. It’s a mistake not to mark the death in some way.

There are plenty of other mistakes you could make around cremation services in Reading, PA, but the professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are here to help you avoid them. We want you to be able to honor your loved one in whatever way you see fit. We will support your decisions as you make them and help you to implement them. IT’s our job to relieve you of burden while you grieve.

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What Funeral Home Service Participation Gives You

There are no easy situations surrounding funeral homes in Reading, PA because when you have to deal with that industry, someone in your life has likely passed away. Whether you were super close to that person and are planning the services yourself or someone in the family has asked you to participate in some way, actually taking part in the final service can do a lot of things for you as well. Consider these elements before you make a decision one way or the other as to whether or not you want to participate in the proceedings.

It Could Give You A Chance To Say Goodbye

While the service itself is a good chance to say goodbye, if you are participating in a personal way, you could have an even better chance. Perhaps you are a pallbearer, or giving a eulogy. Whatever the case may be, having a part in the service can give you an even better way to say goodbye in your own special way. Think about what you need and how you can get it through your participation…while ensuring you show respect to anyone and everyone else involved.

It Could Give You Closure

One of the things you absolutely have to have in order to move forward with your life is closure over the death. You can get that in a number of ways and sometimes, it’s easy. Other times, you might need more. Being a pallbearer, helping print and organize bulletins, and other such details could help you recognize that the person you are grieving is gone and not coming back.

Take Comfort In The Process

It can be hard to sit through final services. You never know how you are going to feel or react to what’s going on around you. You just know that it can be hard. At times, participating in the service in some way, whether you are lighting candles, singing a song, or doing something else, can be a comfort to you. You leave the service later knowing that you took part, even in a small way, of honoring your loved one in front of everyone else.

There are plenty of ways in which you could take part in a final service. It could be in a large way, like delivering a eulogy. It could be in a behind the scenes way like organizing photos for a memory board or making the bulletin. It could even be in a small way like lighting the candles or starting the music for the soloist. If you feel you can, keep in mind some of the things that participation can do for you as well as the others in attendance.

When you work with funeral homes in Reading, PA to organize final services, think about how you might want to participate. The professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. can help you with all of the steps and details so you can honor your loved one in the way you see fit.

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What Cremation Providers Will Never Say About Cremation Services

If you are looking into cremation services in Shillington, PA to make your own pre-plans, the cremation providers and funeral home representatives can give you the information you need and the answers you have to have to your questions. There are some things a lot of them will say and sometimes, the answers might vary. But these are things providers will never say about cremation—or at least they shouldn’t.

Cremation Is The Only Good Option

While cremation is definitely a great option, especially in certain situations, it’s not the only good option. Traditional burial is just as valid, honorable, and respectful. Cremation providers should never try to talk you into cremation. Instead, they should give you the information you want and need about the process and allow you to make the decision on your own. Then, no matter what direction you decide to go, they should support you.

Cremation Is The Same For Everyone

Cremation, in fact, is never the same for two people. While the cremation process is the same, the people going through it is different, which makes the process different each and every time. When you prepare unique services around the cremation process, it can be completely personal and different for each person being honored. Cremation is a method, but what happens around it is always different. Even if you do the exact same thing as someone else, the person you are honoring is different and that’s enough to make things completely unique.

Cremation Is Better Because Of Price

While many people choose cremation because it is lower in price, that doesn’t make it better for everyone. It’s the more suitable option, at times, because certain people might be on a budget. But traditional burial is just as ‘good.’ It simply costs more and is not always accessible to everyone because of the cost difference. Cremation might be the better option for you, but that doesn’t make it better overall simply because of price.

Cremation Is New And Hip

Any cremation provider in the funeral industry will know that while cremation has certainly risen in popularity over recent years, it’s anything but new. It has actually been around for thousands of years. It’s more popular today because more people are using it. That’s happening because of the lower price, the higher acceptability in the society as a whole, the religions that are allowing it, and for a number of other reasons. While it might be on trend now, that’s not going anywhere any time soon and the newness wore off centuries ago.

There are plenty of other things that cremation providers won’t say, but if you want to talk to them for yourself about cremation services in Shillington, PA, you can contact the specialists at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. We can answer your questions about cremation and help you through the process on a step by step nature. We’re here for you no matter what you end up wanting.