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Cremation Services Are Important Families

Cremation services Wernersville, PA are one of the two main service options you have when someone in your family passes on. Traditional funerals and burials are the other option. Cremation services are used in about half of the cases today and they can allow you to get what you need while taking care of your loved one. They can also be very important to your family’s overall grieving process. Here are a few reasons why cremation can be important to a family in mourning.

The Chance At A Last Goodbye

It can be hard to come to terms with a person’s death if you aren’t able to say goodbye. While most people don’t get that chance before the person passes away, they can still say the words and settle their heart after a death. Cremation services allow chances at that final goodbye. You could say goodbye before witnessing the cremation, for example, at a memorial service, or at the final resting place. These chances are priceless and can mean a lot to many family members.

Get Closure Over The Loss

You will want to have closure and understand that your loved one is gone and not coming back so you can move forward with your life in a new way. That can come to you in a variety of ways and cremation services can definitely be a part of the process. You might get closure when you witness the cremation, if you choose to do that. You might also get it from the memorial service, an ash scattering, or in a number of other ways around the services you have.

Cremation services Wernersville, PA

Allow Time With Family

One of the most important things you can do after losing a loved one is to spend time with other family members. When you are around people who knew the deceased, you are able to get the support you need and give support to them as well. It’s a good idea to spend time around people who care about you so you can remember just how much you have left in your life, even though you have lost one special person. Cremation services allow the family to gather for a memorial of any kind. You can honor your loved one, celebrate a life well-lived, go over fond memories, and give them the send off they deserve.

There are many different things about cremation services Wernersville, PA can have a positive impact on your family as they grieve and try to find a way to move ahead with their life without the person who has passed on. Cremation is an honorable, respectful method and it gives you so many options that you are able to customize and personalize what you want to do for your loved one. The professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are here to ensure that your loved one’s needs are met and also that you get the compassion and support you need during the planning process. We want to honor that special person in whatever way you see fit.

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What Not To Do In Cemeteries

There are a variety of reasons you might visit a cemetery. You may go there to visit a grave of someone who passed on from your family. You might be looking for a plot so you can pre-arrange your own services, or you might look for a plot for a loved one who passed on. Or, you may be going to the cemetery after services at funeral homes in Wernersville, PA for a burial service. No matter what your reason is for visiting the cemetery, there are certain rules you should follow out of respect for the people resting there and the other families that might be around. Here are a few things you should not do.

Park Or Drive On The Grass

When you visit the cemetery for a burial service, there may be cemetery professionals outside, directing you where to park since there will be a lot of vehicles there. If they direct your to park on the grass, then it’s okay. But that’s the only time you park on the grass. Any other time you visit, you need to park in designated areas and drive only on the paths. You don’t want to park over a grave or drive over a headstone. Stick to the paths and the right parking areas to avoid any of that.

Speaking Robustly

Hushed tones are generally the norm in cemeteries, whether you are there for a burial service or to visit a grave. You never really know what might be going on around you and you don’t want to disturb someone else who is visiting a loved one’s grave. Grief is hard to get through and you don’t want to interrupt anyone’s process. Talk in a normal voice or hushed tones and don’t answer you phone and take long, chatty calls around the cemetery.

Walk Right Over Burial Plots

Cemeteries have paths and you should stay on those whenever possible. Don’t wander around the cemetery, walking over the graves of others without any regard for the people buried there or the family members who might be coming to visit. Keep to the paths. If you have to leave the path to get to your loved one, make sure to respectfully walk around the graves.

funeral homes in Wernersville, PA

Never Leave Garbage Behind

You might want to bring a bottle of water with you when you visit or you may even take a picnic lunch to have on a break from work when you want to go to your loved one’s grave. That’s perfectly fine, but make sure that anything you take in with you, you take out when you leave. Don’t litter or leave any trace that you were there behind you. The only acceptable thing to bring and leave are flowers and other such gifts for the grave.

Funeral homes in Wernersville, PA, like the professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. can help you with any other questions about cemeteries you might have, whether you want advice on what’s acceptable or need tips for finding the right plot for a loved one.

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The Headstone For Cremation Service Burial

Cremation services in Mohnton, PA are highly popular today and if that’s what you decide on for your loved one who passed away, one of the reasons you might have gone that direction is so you can have options for their memorial service as well as for their final resting place. Once the cremation is complete, you have no set timeline to make those decisions. But when you feel good about what you have chosen, and if that happens to be burial, you will have to find a plot in a cemetery and then possibly get a headstone ready for that burial plot as well. Here are some tips to help you get everything in order.

Have A Budget In Mind

You may have had a budget in mind for the entire final service process. You used some of the funds to meet your loved one’s cremation needs with a package there. Then, you can decide how much of what is left over you want to put toward the headstone. There might be other costs to cover as well, such as a memorial service, the burial plot, and so on. The budget can help guide you to nice items that you know you can afford. It’s better to have a budget in mind upfront so you don’t have to make changes later after you realize you picked something too costly.

Think About Materials

Headstones come in a variety of materials and the first thing you will want to do is see if there are any material guidelines in the cemetery you have chosen for your loved one’s cremation burial. If the cemetery only accepts certain materials, you can rule out anything else to narrow things down right away. From those leftover, look at their prices, their appearances, and their pros and cons to choose what you prefer.

Consider The Style

Just like there are options on materials, there are also choices in style. Again, the cemetery might have some guidelines that can help you narrow things down, but you will likely still have several options from which to choose. Look at the sizing of those choices and consider how much you want to engrave on the stone. Some are small and don’t leave much room for engraving while others are larger and allow you to say more.

Cremation services in Mohnton, PA

Engraving Details

The headstone is an item that will permanently be on your loved one’s grave and you want to make sure that whatever you engrave on it is just right. You will want your loved one’s name, for sure, along with their birth and death dates, but sometimes there is room for other items. You might have a heart or angel engraved, a special Bible verse, or phrases like ‘loving father and husband.’

If you decide on burial for your loved one after cremation services in Mohnton, PA, the professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. can help you find a plot and work on the headstone details with you.

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Funeral Service For A Spouse

Losing someone close to you is always going to be hard. When it’s your spouse that passes away, you may feel like you are losing a piece of yourself. You will want your spouse to have nothing but the best and the professionals at funeral homes in Mohnton, PA are here to help with those needs. You can have peace of mind that your spouse is in good hands. There are lots of other things you are going to need to do while you process this huge lose and attempt to move forward with your life in a new way.

Take Care Of Your Needs

You are going to want to think about your family members and what they need along with what your spouse has to have as part of the funeral process, but you also need to be selfish, at times, and take time for your own grieving process. You might need some time alone, away from it all and that’s okay. You might need to take a little longer to make certain decisions and so on. You will want to make sure you take care of physical needs as well. Rest when you are tired. Make sure you are eating healthy meals, even when you feel like you aren’t all that hungry. Taking care of your needs is only going to help the situation. If you ignore the things you need, things will only feel worse than they already are.

Honor Their Life

There are so many ways in which you can honor a person’s life. Since you know your spouse best, you get to decide how you are going to do that. Perhaps gathering family for a traditional funeral is a nice way to honor them. Or, maybe you want to have a celebration of life. You could even honor them through a permanent memorial like a tree planting ceremony or a statue in your garden. There are lots of ways to honor them and doing something for them and for your family can feel really good.

funeral homes in Mohnton, PA

Eventually, Distribute Possessions

You won’t want to start getting rid of items right away, but when you are ready and the grief isn’t quite so raw, you will want other family members to have certain things. There are precious, sentimental items that you will want to keep and others you will want other people to have. You might also want to donate some items, like clothing that no one wants, so it can be of use to someone who needs it.

It can be heart-wrenching to lose a spouse, but when you contact funeral homes in Mohnton, PA, you know they are in good hands and will get the care you need while you make important decisions for their services. The experts at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. are here to hold you up through the process. We will help you get the information you need to make wise choices and we will support you with compassion the whole way through.

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Do You Need Grief Counseling After Cremation Services?

When you have a family member going through cremation services Cumru Township, PA, that means you are grieving. It’s hard to figure out whether or not your grief is going in the right direction. When you look through the grieving process, there are signs you can watch for that might point to the fact that grief counseling would be a good idea for you.

You’re Isolating Yourself

There are times when you want to be alone around your grief, and that’s okay. You should have time to yourself to grieve as you see fit. However, you want to also be around your loved ones and family members to get the support you need. If you find yourself turning people down constantly and not answering the door or your phone, you might be isolating yourself and that’s not a good thing. Drag yourself back up on your feet and get the grief counseling you need to move forward.

Things Are Getting Worse, Not Better With Time

As time passes, your loved one will still be missing from your life and that’s never going to be easy. However, if you feel like your grief is worsening instead of getting better and easier to deal with, that’s a problem. There might be some sticking points in your emotions and your grief that you just can’t get past and a grief counselor could help you with that. There’s no way to mark the calendar that will show you when you will be ‘healed,’ but you need to see things getting better. IF they’re not, a grief counselor can help you turn things around in the right way.

The Death Was Tragic

IF your loved one’s death was tragic or unexpected, that can really do a number on you as well. You need to work through some things and you may want to seek counseling right away before things get worse than they should. Tragic deaths or those that are unexpected could shock you and your emotions.

cremation services Cumru Township, PA

You Just Feel The Need For More Support

Even if you don’t have any huge signs that you need counseling, it’s okay to reach out for extra support. The counselors are there to stand behind you and help you move on in healthy manners. If you feel the need for support, there’s no reason not to go after it.

When professionals in the industry are available to help you, and you need help moving on, there’s no reason not to reach out. Find out counselors in the area who specialize in grief by calling your loved one’s provider for cremation services Cumru Township, PA. They can connect you with area grief counselors and they can also tell you about grief support groups that might help you to feel less alone. You may meet people who are in similar situations and their stories can give you hope for your own future. Contact Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services Inc. if you need some grief support.

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Speaking At Funeral Home Services

It can be hard to attend services at funeral homes in Cumru Township, PA, but it might be even more nerve wracking if you have to speak at the service. If the family has asked you to stand up in front of the group and talk about the person who passed on, that’s a big honor. They trust you with something important. You are on task to say something special and memorable about that person. Here are some tips to help you to figure out what you are going to say and how.

Consider The Length Needed

Most times, you want to keep these speeches short and sweet. Not two minutes, but rather ten is a good length. You don’t want anything too short or it feels like you didn’t put enough thought into it. And too long can lose attention of the guests in attendance. You are going to want to think about the timing and make it a happy medium, which generally is around ten minutes in length.

Gather Some Stories

You likely have stories about the person who passed on, but it can be nice to include stories that other people have shared as well. You can gather stories from people who are close to them. Those people may not be able to voice their stories themselves since they will be emotional, but hearing the stories through you can make them smile and they will be glad you shared it. That can take some of the pressure off of you to come up with ideas, too.

Practice What You’ve Come Up With

Once you have some ideas, start to talk them through out loud and practice not only what you are going to say, but how you are going to say it. You could talk to a family member in your house or just to yourself as you work out how you want things to come across.

Have It Written Out

It’s smart to have your speech written out, even if you don’t use the write out during the service. Have it in front of you incase you get nervous, lose your train of thought, or even get emotional yourself. You can hand it over to someone else to complete if that happens. Having something in writing can take the pressure off you. Plus, you can give that written copy to family to have as a keepsake of what you said that day.

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Have Someone There For Support

You are going to want to have someone there who is simply available to support you. Yes, you’ll have family around you, but perhaps invite a friend who didn’t know your loved one. Their sole goal is to be there for you before, during, and even after your speech to support anything you are going through.

If you need more help with your speech, funeral homes in Cumru Township, PA are there to help you with the details of any way you are supporting your family around final services, even with speaking at the service.

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Attending Cremation Services With Advice

If you are used to attending funeral services, it can be a change to get invited to a cremation service in Wernersville, PA. You might want to walk into that service with confidence in knowing that you will fit in and follow the rules that are unspoken in these situations. Here are a few things to think about as you move toward the date of the final service.

Figure Out Style For Your Own Attire Needs

While you know that you will want to wear something dark and conservative to a funeral, what about to a cremation service? Often, cremation services are similar because they are somber affairs that feel like funerals. However, there are different kinds of cremation services that can call for different clothing styles. You might be walking into a celebration of life, for example, which means you can wear something more casual. Or, you might even see that the family has requested a certain color, which you should follow if at all possible.

Get There On Time

No matter what, you are going to have to be at the service on time. Just the same as a funeral, it’s important for you to be on time so you are respectful to the family and the whole process. Unless the cremation service happens to be an open house, there’s a specific time to be there and you need to be there at that time.

Follow Along With Family

Whatever the family is doing as part of the service, you should follow along with them out of respect. If they have a memorial service at a church, for example, even if it isn’t the kind of church you appreciate, stand up when everyone stands up and sit down when they sit down. Follow along out of respect for what they want to do for their loved one, no matter what that might mean.

Silence Your Phone

Once again, it doesn’t matter what kind of service you are attending, even if it’s more casual, you are there to honor a life and that’s important. That means you need to silence your phone, turn it off, or leave it in the car. Nothing is more important than concentrating on the life you are there to honor and supporting the family.

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Talk To The Family

It is nice if you are able to speak to the family around the services as well, perhaps after as people are filing out. You can share your condolences and perhaps say a quick word about the person who died and why they were special to you. That can mean a lot to them when you show your support in that way.

If you have to attend cremation services in Wernersville, PA, but you have never been to such a service before, contact the professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services Inc. for advice on what to wear, what to bring, how to act, and what to say. We’re here to help you with compassion and support.

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Writing An Obituary With Funeral Home Help

There are a lot of different things you are going to want help with when you work with funeral homes in Wernersville, PA on final services for a loved one. One of the things that you may have never had to do before is write an obituary. Sure, you have read them before, but it’s important to understand them before you move forward in writing one for yourself. Here are some things to do when you are faced with this task.

Read Through Examples

It’s smart to read through some examples as you start to think about what you want to include in your own obituary for a loved one. Reading the examples with your loved one in mind will help you to figure out the tone and help you to know what you want to include.

Get Advice For What To Include

The funeral home can help you with a list of things that people usually include in an obituary. They can tell you to include your loved one’s full name, including any nicknames people use for them. They might suggest their birth and death dates, among other things. Having a list of things that most people include will help you to gather that information and get the basics down easily enough.

Keep Things Short

There are generally charges for obituaries based on length if you want to place them in area newspapers. Many people put them on the funeral home website, but they also want the larger community to have the opportunity to see the information and that’s where area newspapers come into play. You will want the obituary to have your loved one’s personality infused, but it’s also a good idea to keep things short and sweet. You can include more details about them in the final service you have for them.

Have Someone Check It Over

You might see the things you meant to say instead of what you actually said, including typos and misspellings. It’s smart to have someone else check over all of the details in the obituary to ensure everything is correct. Once things are printed and out there, they are permanently in that paper and you can’t make changes.

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Consider Service Information

Some families like to include service information for their loved one with the obituary if they have those plans made when the obituary goes out. It can allow the public to have access to the service details in case they want to attend. It also can be a private service, but even having the location of the service included allows people somewhere they can send flowers and cards.

If you are working with funeral homes in Wernersville, PA on a loved one’s final services, you can get information and advice on how to write up an obituary for the newspapers and websites. The experts at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services Inc. help with obituaries on a regular basis and are here to help you with that aspect and any other along the way.

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Benefits Of Putting Cremation Services Off

When a loved one passes away, you might find yourself in the position to make a lot of decisions rather quickly. You have to figure out if you want a funeral service or cremation services in Mohnton, PA for them first. After that, other decisions will come, depending on what direction you take. If you decide on cremation, one of the benefits is that going with direct cremation allows you to set your own timeline for anything you want to do past the cremation itself. There are even benefits to putting the memorial service off until later. Here are a few to think about:

1-Have More Time To Plan

When a loved one passes on, you might be overcome with grief. You first want to take care eof their needs, but a memorial service isn’t really a need. It’s just something you want to do to honor them. You can put that service off for a while to give yourself time to come to terms with what has happened. And, it also gives you time to think about what you want to do for them and pull those plans together. With more time, you can plan out something all that much more special.

2-Gather The Funding

Cremation services don’t cost nearly as much as funeral services, but that doesn’t mean you can pay for that and then immediately dig in and pay for a memorial service as well. If you know what kinds of things you want to do, start to think about the cost and the budget you would need to have in place for it. Then, you can gather funding from family, save up yourself, or use funds your loved one may have left to you once you get a hold of it. Having extra time allows you to get those things into place.

cremation services in Mohnton, PA

3-Give Family Warning

It can be hard for family members to travel to you at short notice and have a memorial service, as much as they might want to be there for it. Putting the service off awhile allows you to set a date down the road and let your family plan for it. Everyone can make their travel arrangements and figure out how they are going to get there at the right time. It might mean that more family can make it, which is always a nice way to honor someone.

There are other benefits to having cremation services in Mohnton, PA at a later date, but there’s also nothing wrong with doing something right away, if that’s what you want for your loved one. Some people find closure in saying goodbye and giving their loved one’s the honoring service and final resting place right away. Whatever you decide to do, the professionals at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. will stand behind you. We are here to support your decisions and implement whatever choices you have made for your family. We want to help honor that loved one in whatever way you see fit.

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What Goes Into Funeral Home Packages?

Working with funeral homes in Mohnton, PA usually means one of two things. Either you’ve lost a loved one, or you are planning your own final services ahead of time. Either way, you will want to look over the packages they have to offer. It’s nice to know that funeral homes with lots of experience have worked out these packages for you so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything important. They include everything you have to have. Here are some of the things you will see in those packages.


Your loved one is going to have to make it from the place of their death to the funeral home. They’ll need a special vehicle and special, professional care. The funeral home will take care of that as a part of absolutely any package you choose. It’s always included and one of the first things that will happen as you move ahead.

Care In The Funeral Home

The funeral home is then going to care for your loved one and make sure they get the services they need while you decide what to do. They will treat your loved one with dignity and respect and ensure they get what they need as you make plans.

The Cremation Process

If you have decided on cremation services, the cremation process is also included in the package. The funeral home may have to get permits for that or prepare other paperwork and that will all be included in the package price as well. If you intend to do anything before the cremation, that will either be extra or be included on another package.

A Simple Container

The cremation packages also include simple containers that work well for your loved one’s remains. You can add an urn or another item of your choosing, but the container is there should you choose to use it.

funeral homes in Mohnton, PA

Funeral Professionals

If you are going to plan out a funeral with one of the packages, the professionals and their advice, time, and recommendations are going to be included in that package price. They are there to help you plan, talk through everything, set up and clean up rooms you might use, and make everything run in a seamless manner so you have much less to worry about.

There are other things that many, or even most, packages include and you can look at them in details with funeral homes in Mohnton, PA as you figure out what might be best for your loved one. The experts at Bean Funeral Homes & Cremation Services, Inc. want you to know that we are here for you every step of the way. We understand how hard this time in your life can be and we will give you the compassion and support you need to get through the planning process and to the other side of the services. We also have grief resources available if you find that you need more help from professionals before, during, or after the services are complete.